How to Organize Legos | Easy Tips and Tricks

Step up your Lego game with our comprehensive guide on how to organize Legos efficiently. Find the best storage solutions, sorting tips, and creative ideas to keep your collection neat and accessible. Perfect for Lego enthusiasts of all ages!

How to Organize Legos

In a sea of colorful plastic bricks, the quest to tame the chaos of a sprawling Lego collection begins. Whether you’re a parent stepping trepidatiously through a Lego-laden landscape or an enthusiast seeking to streamline your building space, organization is key. 

This guide is designed to bring harmony to your hobby, ensuring that your Lego pieces are not only neatly sorted but also easily accessible for your next creative endeavor. 

With practical advice and tried-and-true methods in How to Organize Legos, prepare to transform your jumble of jigsaws into a well-oiled building block machine.

How to Organize Legos? 8 Best Ways for You

1. Organize by Color

1. Organize by Color

Organize LEGO blocks by color for easy access and cleanup. Sort them into clear containers or slide-out drawers to help kids learn hues and keep the bricks separated. 

This method simplifies finding the right color during playtime and makes tidying up a breeze.

Although organizing by color may not work for everyone, it’s a visually appealing and efficient way to store LEGO pieces in clear bins. Label non-clear bins for quick identification or consider a rainbow-colored system for a vibrant touch to your kids’ room. 

Keep in mind the size of the collection; this method is ideal for smaller sets to avoid endless searching through a sea of identical bricks.

2. Organize by Type

2. Organize by Type

Organize your LEGO bricks by type for easy storage and creative play. Use separate bins or drawers for bricks, mini figurines, vehicles, and more. Labeling is crucial to maintain order, even with transparent containers.

Keep similar pieces together – blocks with blocks, minifigs with minifigs. If color-coding isn’t your style, categorize by type instead. Create designated storage for blocks, figures, vehicles, and specialty pieces, adjusting the level of detail as needed. 

This method not only keeps things tidy but also sparks creativity by enabling kids to freely mix and match pieces for unique creations.

3. Organize by Set

Organize LEGO sets efficiently by keeping pieces together in original boxes or zippered bags. Kids who enjoy disassembling and reassembling projects benefit from this method. 

For children focused on one set at a time, store each set with its manual in a labeled container for easy access to all the necessary pieces and instructions in one place.

4. Display Finished Projects

4. Display Finished Projects

Show off the completed projects your kids have worked so hard on. Keep them visible by storing them on shelves where they can easily be taken down for playtime. 

Consider using floating shelves, existing bookcases, or the top of a cube organizer to showcase assembled LEGO creations. Additionally, utilize any storage spaces you have for the bricks to highlight these imaginative pieces.

5. Create a Lego Wall

Maximize your space with a Lego wall using classic baseplates. Purchase these 10×12-inch plates online or at toy stores in various colors. Cover a sizable wall area by attaching them with liquid nails.

Once set up, store Lego bricks by pressing them onto the baseplates. This not only keeps Legos off the floor but also offers a fun play area where kids can unleash their creativity and build vertical structures on their walls.

6. Create a Lego Table

Transforming a basic coffee table into a Lego table offers both storage and play options. Utilize clear, shallow storage bins that fit under the shelf for organization. Larger bins can hold bigger sets, while classic baseplates can cover the table’s surface for building. 

This setup keeps Legos off the floor, inspiring kids to showcase their creations. Choose from different sizes and materials to find the perfect fit for your space, some even including chairs for added convenience.

7. Make the Most of What You Have

If you have LEGO sets with many small pieces, consider using existing organization systems for toys. A craft box with compartments, a hanging organizer on the door, or an under-bed bin can all serve as fantastic LEGO storage solutions.

8. Sort LEGOs at Your Own Pace

Don’t rush the clean-up process with a final LEGO organizing tip! Reserve a bin specifically labeled “To Sort” to make tidying up a breeze. Putting away LEGO pieces immediately after playtime is ideal, but when time is short, containing them in a designated bin is better than leaving them out as a clutter hazard.


Organizing Legos may seem like a daunting task, but with these easy tips and tricks, you can turn it into a fun and creative activity. Find the method that works best for your collection and make tidying up a breeze. 

Remember to involve your kids in the process and watch as their imagination runs wild with organized Lego pieces at their disposal. Happy building! 

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