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Get ready to build your dream world! Check out this blog post for a detailed overview of the 8 biggest LEGO Minecraft sets and find out which one is right for you.

8 Biggest LEGO Minecraft Sets

Are you a fan of LEGO and Minecraft? If so, this post is for you! Here we will look at the 8 biggest LEGO Minecraft sets available based on the world-famous video game franchise. 

From barns to ships to wither storm fortresses – each of these forest-filled masterpieces contains hundreds of pieces guaranteed to challenge even an experienced builder’s engineering skillset. 

We’ll also explore some additional classic creatures and characters from Steve’s adventures – giving your creations life with clever minifigures who populate their respective worlds. Let’s get building!

Biggest LEGO Minecraft Sets: Quick Review

Introducing LEGO Minecraft Sets 

The LEGO Minecraft sets are a collaboration between the Danish toy company and the sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. They feature buildable landscapes, structures, creatures, and characters inspired by the popular blocky 3D world of Minecraft.

The sets range from small to large, with some even including functioning mechanisms such as TNT cannons or moving parts. Each set comes with detailed instructions and its own unique set of challenges, allowing you to immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of building with LEGO bricks. 

List of 8 Biggest LEGO Minecraft Sets

#1 The Mountain Cave 21137

LEGO Minecraft The Mountain Cave 21137 Building Kit (2863 Piece)
  • Features a minecart track with an integrated redstone-powered minecart elevator; 2 minecarts; first-night shelter with bed, crafting table and torch; a mountaintop shelter with bed, torch and furnace
  • Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper
  • Accessory elements include a Minecraft clock, spider eyes, signs, map, golden armor, shield, TNT and 8 ore style elements, including diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald, redstone, golden, iron and 2 coal ores
  • Position the light brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack o'lantern, first-night-shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance

Pieces: 2,863

Minifigures: 6

Recommended Age: 12+ 


• Features a minecart track and elevator, 2 minifigures, Steve and Alex, and various creatures.

• Includes accessories: Minecraft clock, spider eyes, signs, map, golden armor, and shield.

• Also includes ore-style elements: diamond, lapis lazuli, emerald, Redstone, golden, iron, and 2 coal ores.

• Light brick allows illumination of rotating spider-spawners, walls of Redstone, jack o’lanterns, and more.

Let your child explore and redefine their world – bring their favorite game to life with hours of creative play.

This set immerses players in the excitement and adventure of Minecraft with a detailed interior and versatile design. Build a first-night shelter with a bed, jump on the minecart track, and catch a ride with the integrated redstone-powered elevator. 

Fight against hordes of hostile mobs, experience a creeper explosion function, and activate TNT blast functions. Take time away from your screen while continuing to create fascinating landscapes and dungeons!

Reconfiguration is easy thanks to its modular sections while impressive details heighten the sensory experience– enhanced by its light brick that illuminates features throughout the finished model. 

Enjoy an unforgettable family night bonding with your children as they build this set on their own or help them think up imaginative ways to turn this into their very own chunk of Minecraft world – no unlimited access necessary! 

Buy yours today – have thrilling adventures at home with one of the biggest LEGO Minecraft sets!

#2 The Village 21128

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21128
  • Build a bustling Minecraft Village with a library, marketplace, library and blacksmith!
  • Combine The Village with other sets from LEGO Minecraft: 21121 Desert Outpost, 21119 The Dungeon, and more for the ultimate offline building experience!
  • Includes Steve, Alex, and 2 villager minifigures, plus a buildable Creeper and enderman
  • LEGO Minecraft building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • The Village measures 5” high, 19” wide and 17” deep

Pieces: 1,600

Minifigures: 9

Recommended Age: 8+ 


• Explore the bustling Minecraft village, with its library, blacksmith, butcher, and marketplace.

• Ward off hostile mobs with the help of an iron golem patrolling the streets.

• Includes Steve, Alex, a zombie, and a zombie villager, plus a Creeper, enderman, pig, baby pig, iron golem, and two villagers (a farmer and a librarian).

• Measures over 5″ high (15cm), 19″ wide (49cm) and 17″ deep (44cm).

• Team up with Alex to mine resources, craft tools and grow vital crops to tend to livestock.

The Village 21128 is the most exciting and immersive way to experience the world of Minecraft! 

Designed with die-hard fans of the sandbox video game in mind, this impressive LEGO set comes with over 1,500 pieces that can be used to construct a variety of Minecraft biomes, a watch tower, a library, a blacksmith, a butcher, and much more!

With Steve, Alex, a creepy zombie, a zombie villager, a zombie pigman, a Creeper, Enderman, an iron golem, plus two villagers; The Village 21128 allows Minecraft fans to explore all the elements of the game outside of screen time.

The multiple models within the set encourage repeat play, exploring new scenarios each time. The convenience of folding out the library and butcher’s buildings enhances the immersive experience, offering multiple opportunities for imaginative and hands-on play. 

It also includes a roof that lifts for interior access to the marketplace, an Alex minifigure and a bucket accessory, and a pig and baby pig, perfect for creating a thriving community with every build!

This Village 21128 is perfect for Minecraft fans of all ages and makes an outstanding gift for LEGO Minecraft collectors. 

Whether you’re looking to create in-depth stories with a fully functioning village or just like to build and experiment with different biomes, The Village 21128 will provide endless hours of entertainment!

#3 The Llama Village Farm House 21188

LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village Farm House Toy Building Set 21188, Minecraft Gift Idea for Kids, Boys, Girls Age 9+ Years Old, Create a Minecraft Village with 6 Customizable Buildings and Minifigures
  • Features a LEGO llama house toy, with animal figures and 6 customizable buildings that kids can use to create their own unique Minecraft village
  • Includes LEGO Minecraft figures: a savannah villager, a blacksmith, a raider and a vindicator, plus an axe, crossbow & sword accessories
  • Also included in this playset is a llama herder and a llama knight, plus Minecraft farm animal toys: a llama, a baby llama and a baby sheep
  • Kids can open the giant toy Llama house to access all of the fun rooms inside, the llama also has a 'spitting' function to fight off attackers
  • Kids can care for the animal toys outside the house, and the 6 customizable buildings can be placed in different locations for more play options

Pieces: 1,252

Minifigures: 6

Recommended Age: 9+ 


• This LEGO playset features a llama house with 6 customizable buildings, perfect for kids to create their own Minecraft village.

• Includes 4 LEGO Minecraft figures: Savannah villager, blacksmith, raider, and vindicator, plus accessories.

• Also includes a llama herder and knight, plus 3 farm animal toys.

• The llama house has a ‘spitting’ function to defend against attackers.

• Kids can care for the animal toys outside the house and customize the buildings in different locations.

• Makes an excellent toy birthday gift for kids age 9+.

The Llama Village Farm House 21188, from the new LEGO Minecraft range, is sure to be the perfect set for your little LEGO fan. Ready to embark on a creative building and playing journey? 

Gather all of the classic characters together – including the llama herder, llama knight, savannah villager, blacksmith villager, pillager, and vindicator – and get ready to build this awesome farmhouse with its giant opening toy llama house!

What’s more – kids can get lost in their imaginative world by decorating the house with lots of fun accessories; looking after the llamas; or if there’s an attack on the village launching into action with axes, crossbows, and swords. 

But that’s not all. You can see your child’s face light up when they pull the tab on the back of the big llama’s head and watch it ‘spit’ at those pesky mobs. What a cool way to join in on those magical adventures!

Don’t forget – you can combine this set with others from the LEGO Minecraft range and rebuild them into a unique world of their own! 

Measuring over 12 inches high (31 cm), 12 inches wide(30cm), and 11.5 inches deep (30cm), get creative today – The biggest LEGO Minecraft sets are ideal for hours of interactive playtime!

#4 The Ocean Monument 21136 

LEGO Minecraft The Ocean Monument 21136 Building Kit (1122 Piece)
  • Features a Minecraft ocean monument with a water sponge access function and opening treasure chamber, plus a cave with a furnace
  • Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus squid, guardian and elder guardian figures
  • Accessory elements include enchanted armor, golden blocks, wet and dry sponges, bucket of milk and a Potion of Water Breathing and a Potion of Healing
  • Easy-to-reconfigure design—choose from 3 different model configurations

Pieces: 1,122

Minifigures: 2

Recommended Age: 8+ 


• Features a water-filled Minecraft ocean monument with an access function that can be opened to reveal a hidden treasure chamber and cave containing a furnace

• Includes 2 minifigures: Steve and Alex, plus squid, guardian and elder guardian figures

• Accessories include enchanted armor, golden blocks, wet/dry sponges, a bucket of milk, and Potions of Water Breathing and Healing

• Easy to reconfigure into 3 different model configurations

With over 1,120 pieces, this exciting set brings the thrills and adventure of Minecraft to life. The centerpiece of this structure is a Minecraft ocean monument, complete with a water sponge access function. 

Your child can play the role of Steve and Alex as they battle the elder guardian who protects this underground structure. There’s no limit to the fun that can be had with this set as it can be easily redesigned and reconfigured.

Inside this ocean structure, your little one can explore a labyrinth of rooms and a treasure chamber that can be opened. 

Kids will also find features such as enchanted armor and sword, pickaxe, potions of water breathing, healing, and a guardian that swivels around the monument all adding to the creative gameplay. 

Plus, the elder guardian comes with a spring-loaded shooter for additional added excitement. The Llama Village Farm House 21188 brings the magical world of Minecraft to life, helping your child combine the creative play of LEGOs with the beloved sandbox video game. 

#5 The Fortress 21127

LEGO Minecraft The Fortress 21127
  • Build a LEGO Minecraft fortress with lookout towers, decorative Creeper banners, a prison, and water and farm areas!
  • Push the pressure plates to open the fortress doors!
  • Includes Steve and 3 Skeleton minifigures, buildable horse and sheep figures, golden helmet and armor, and other Minecraft accessories
  • LEGO Minecraft building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • Measures over 6” high, 13” wide, and 13” deep

Pieces: 984

Minifigures: 4

Recommended Age: 8+ 


• Construct a LEGO Minecraft fortress with lookout towers, banners, and other features.

• Create an entrance with pressure plates.

• Comes with Steve and 3 Skeleton minifigures, buildable horse and sheep figures, a golden helmet, and armor.

• Compatible with LEGO construction sets for creative building.

• Measures over 6” high, 13” wide & deep. 

With this LEGO Minecraft set, young fans of the immensely popular sandbox video game can enjoy hands-on adventures featuring their favorite characters and objects. 

Get ready to construct and rebuild this fortress that boasts large pressure-plate doors, lookout towers, decorative Creeper banners, barred windows, water and farm areas, plus a prison with a door-opening function. It’s all here!

Plus, The Fortress 21127 is designed with an easy-to-rebuild modular design with three alternative model configurations, offering the ultimate in customizability and versatility. 

It also includes a Steve minifigure, plus a horse, sheep, and three skeletons for further role-play fun. So why wait? Get ready to load up the cannons and defend the fortress from the enemy. 

And of course, you can always choose to rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations, too. Press the pressure plate to open the fortress doors and fulfill your LEGO gaming dreams. Get The Fortress 21127 today and see what new worlds you can create!

#6 Creative Adventures 21118 The Mine

LEGO 21118 Minecraft Mine, Construction Toy
  • LEGO Minecraft 21118 - The Mine
  • Polish (Publication Language)

Pieces: 922

Minifigures: 4

Recommended Age: 8+ 


• The LEGO set can be rebuilt into new Minecraft creations.

• The set includes a Steve figure, weapons, and mobs like Creeper, zombie, spider, and skeleton.

• Easy to assemble with detailed instructions, suitable for LEGO fans of all skill levels.

• Imaginative play opportunities are provided by numerous rooms, levels, and features.

• Excellent value for money with an eye-catching display piece once built.

Creative Adventures 21118 The Mine brings the epic world of Minecraft to life, where kids will join Steve on his underground mining expedition. 

As they explore the darkness of the mineshaft, they must don their iron armor to protect themselves against the hostile mobs – Creeper, zombie, and skeleton. 

Brave adventurers can also build and deploy TNT to blast away the rock face as they hunt for valuable ores! Kids can use their weapons, including an iron pickaxe, sword, and more, to battle any creatures they find on their journey.

This exciting play set includes a Steve mini-figure with weapons and accessories, plus a skeleton, zombie, spider, and a Creeper. Kids get to combine their creative minds and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges and protect Steve and the valuable resources. 

They can also rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations. The Creative Adventures 21118 The Mine will provide kids ages 8 and up with hours of thrilling play!

#7 The Modern Treehouse 21174

LEGO Minecraft The Modern Treehouse 21174 Giant Treehouse Building Kit Playset; Fun Toy for Minecraft-Gaming Kids; New 2021 (909 Pieces)
  • LEGO Minecraft The Modern Treehouse (21174) is a large, detailed and extremely versatile playset featuring 4 endlessly reconfigurable rooms packed with authentic Minecraft features
  • Includes a charged Creeper figure and a panda skin, ocelot skin, zombie, cat and chicken from the online Minecraft game, plus lots of authentic accessories
  • Children will rebuild and reconfigure this wonderfully convertible and customizable playset again and again to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end
  • This build-and-display modular treehouse is ideal for any Minecraft or model-making enthusiast aged 9 and up. It makes an ideal birthday present, holiday gift, or special treat
  • Measuring over 11 in. (29 cm) high, 7 in. (20 cm) wide and 6 in. (17 cm) deep, this impressive set is perfect for imaginative play, creative display and combining with other LEGO Minecraft sets

Pieces: 909

Minifigures: 4

Recommended Age: 9+ 


• LEGO Minecraft The Modern Treehouse (21174) is a detailed playset with 4 configurable rooms and authentic features.

• It comes with a charged Creeper figure and an array of skins plus accessories.

• Perfect for imaginative play and display, it can be reconfigured again and again.

• A great gift for Minecraft and model-making fans aged 9 and up, measuring 11 in. (29 cm) high, 7 in. (20 cm) wide and 6 in. (17 cm) deep.

• Ideal for creative display and combining with other LEGO Minecraft sets.

Moments away from a lush spruce tree, this 11-inch tall modern treehouse has been crafted with loving detail for a highly imaginative experience that involves four rooms – kitchen, library, study, and bedroom. Step inside and build your dream!

With iconic Minecraft features and a range of authentic accessories, the potential for creative play is infinite! Discover many different ways to arrange and configure the furniture, bedding, and tools so you can express yourself in fresh new ways every time. 

Plus, rooms aren’t limited to one singular structure and can be easily detached from the treehouse for alternative hanging or standing placements somewhere else on the map!

Ready to explore all kinds of fascinating worlds within this beautiful modern home by LEGO? Build something unforgettable today with 21174 Minecraft The Modern Treehouse playset.

#8 The Creeper Mine 21155

LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine 21155 Building Kit (834 Pieces)
  • Build and enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures with The Creeper Mine, featuring an iconic Creeper statue, rail track, minecart, shelter with bed, anvil, oven and chest, plus 3 explosive functions!
  • This LEGO Minecraft toy building set includes 3 minifigures: Steve, a Minecraft blacksmith and a husk, plus Creeper, cow and bat figures
  • Mine measures over 8” (22cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 8” (22cm) deep
  • 834 pieces – For boys and girls aged 8+ and for fans and big kids of all ages
  • The LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine 21155 construction playset can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building

Pieces: 834

Minifigures: 4

Recommended Age: 8+ 


• Features iconic Creeper statue, rail track, minecart, shelter with bed, anvil, oven, and chest, plus 3 explosive functions!

• Includes Steve, a blacksmith, and husk minifigures plus Creeper, cow, and bat figures.

• Measures over 8” (22cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 8” (22cm) deep.

Prepare for a world of excitement, as this set is packed with incredible new-for-August-2019 features and functions that will leave you breathless.

Imagine yourself during an epic battle against the notorious Creeper and husk. Armed with your wit and strategic skills, you’ll take on these formidable enemies with all your might.

Use the Minecraft TNT to blast out stone and create strategic pathways, adding an explosive element to your conquests. But the thrills don’t stop there.

Behold the magnificent Creeper statue, an iconic centerpiece that signals the entrance to the mine. Towering over the landscape, this structure draws you in with its eerie glow and mystical aura.

But this statue is more than just an impressive sight. At the pull of a lever, watch in awe as it delivers mined gold directly into a chest, ensuring your hard-fought treasure is safely stored away.

Embark on a perilous journey along the working rail track with the minecart. Feel the wind rushing through your hair as you navigate the twists and turns of this lifelike course. Along the way, you’ll come across a detailed shelter, equipped with all the essentials for survival.

Rest on the comfortable bed, repair your weapons at the anvil, cook up a delicious meal in the oven, and keep your supplies neatly organized in the chest. And don’t forget to tend to the flourishing vegetable patch, ensuring you never run out of nourishment during your expeditions.

The LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine set isn’t just a plaything, it’s a collectible masterpiece that can be combined with other sets to create your very own unique LEGO Minecraft universe.

Display your creation proudly, showcasing your creativity and love for the game. With three minifigures included – Steve, a husk, and a blacksmith – along with Creeper, cow, and bat figures, you’ll have everything you need to embark on endless adventures.

The time has come to immerse yourself in explosive Minecraft action. Unleash your imagination and conquer new frontiers with the LEGO Minecraft 21155 The Creeper Mine set. It’s time to embrace the power of creativity and claim your victory in the world of Minecraft. Begin your journey today!


Do all the Minecraft Lego sets go together? 

Yes, all LEGO Minecraft sets are designed to be compatible and can be combined to create larger builds. This allows for endless possibilities and creativity in your building adventures. So go ahead and mix and match different sets to create your dream Minecraft world!  


LEGO Minecraft sets are a great way for children (and adults alike) to engage with this beloved virtual world. 

Not only will the miracles of the Minecraft kingdom come to life through play, but they can also teach the youth valuable lessons that help with problem-solving and engineering. 

With eight different sets in total, ranging from a Mushroom Island Building Kit to The Pirate Ship Adventure Play Set, LEGO Minecraft offers something for everyone who is looking for an immersive experience that combines the basics of engineering and science with the vibrant world of Minecraft. 

Each set teaches players something new while adding more excitement and fun to their building journey. Making blocky masterpieces out of LEGO blocks will not only be enjoyable, but it may even spark some innovation when it comes to real-life construction projects! So what is your favorite? 

Will you vote for the Nether Railway Base Station or Castle Siege set? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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