9 Best LEGO Sets in the World

Discover the ultimate list of the best Lego sets in the world, and level up your building experience with iconic blocks. Uncover exclusive insights and fan-favorite designs.

Top 9 Lego Sets: Building the Best LEGO Sets in the World

If you’re reading this, you probably share the exhilaration of being an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) – or perhaps you’re raising a junior builder in your midst! 

Regardless, the appeal of LEGO is as timeless as the sets you’ve tinkered with in days gone by. 

As we journey through the sparkle of the plastic brick universe, it’s not difficult to envision the ecstatic feeling of opening a LEGO box, the enticing aroma of new LEGO, and the satisfaction of the final snap of that last piece. 

Today, join me in exploring nine undeniably incredible LEGO sets that have captured the imagination of fans worldwide. 

From the iconic to the innovative, each set represents a marvel of LEGO engineering, design, and yes, a touch of magic. Let’s not keep the bricks waiting – let’s embark on an adventure through the best LEGO sets in the world!

List of the Best LEGO Sets in the World

#1 LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Imperial Star Destroyer 75252

Pieces: 4,784

Minifigures: 2

Recommended Age: 16+


• This LEGO Star Destroyer model from the Ultimate Collector’s Series measures over 43 inches long.

• Comes with a display stand, informational plaque, and two exclusive minifigures.

• Features dynamic components like swiveling guns and a tilting radar dish.

Every inch of this magnificent vessel has been meticulously designed and crafted to capture the essence of the iconic Imperial Star Destroyer.

This impressive LEGO Star Destroyer measures 110 cm in length, 66 cm in width, and 44 cm in height, making it an absolute force to be reckoned with. 

It towers above its predecessor, the Ultimate Collector Series version, showcasing an impeccable blend of size and detail. Although slightly shorter than the Superstar Destroyer from 2011, it compensates with its remarkable width and height.

Featuring intricate detailing and an accurate design, this LEGO Star Destroyer effortlessly captures the essence of the original Imperial Star Destroyer seen in the beloved A New Hope film. 

From the iconic triangular shape to the imposing bridge and array of weaponry, every aspect has been meticulously recreated to deliver an immersive experience like no other.

These best LEGO sets in the world also have a fascinating display stand that allows you to proudly showcase your creation.

#2 LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 92177

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 92177 Expert Building Kit, Snap Together Model Ship, Collectible Display Set and Toy for Adults (962 Pieces),Multicolor
  • Build a ship in a bottle featuring a brick-built cork and wax seal, ship with a captain’s quarters, cannons, mast, crow’s nest, sails, flag, display stand with a nameplate and ‘compass’!
  • This LEGO Ideas ship in a bottle model kit comes with an instruction booklet including information about the set's fan creator and LEGO designers
  • The bottle on stand measures over 3" (10cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep; Ship measures over 3" (8cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide
  • 962 pieces – Advanced building set for boys and girls aged 12+ and for fans and big kids of all ages
  • The LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 92177 model kit can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO building bricks for creative building

Pieces: 962

Minifigures: 0

Recommended Age: 12+ 


• Complete with brick-built cork and wax seal, captain’s quarters, cannons, mast, crow’s nest, sails, flag, and display stand with a nameplate and ‘compass’!

• Comes with an instruction booklet including information about the set’s fan creator and LEGO designers.

• Measurements of the bottle on stand: Over 3″ (10cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide, and 3” (10cm) deep; Ship measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.

• Can be combined with other original LEGO sets for creative building.

This captivating construction toy is the brainchild of the immensely talented LEGO fan, Jake Sadovich, who has brought to life a fascinating nautical tradition that will leave you awe-struck and craving for more!

With its meticulously designed ship, complete with cannons, a crow’s nest, masts, and even printed sail elements, you’ll be transported back to a bygone era of seafaring adventure. 

Each detail has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure an authentic and captivating experience, making this set a true work of art.

Imagine the thrill as you carefully place the ship inside the LEGO brick-built bottle, creating a mesmerizing display that will capture the awe and wonder of all who lay eyes upon it. 

Complete with a buildable cork, a charming wax seal element, and even water-style elements inside, this ship in a bottle perfectly captures the essence of maritime history and charm.

Displaying your masterpiece is a breeze too, thanks to the included stand.

Featuring the ship’s nameplate proudly proclaiming its mighty moniker, “Leviathan,” and a compass that may not guide you across the vast seas but will certainly captivate you with its spinning needle and compass rose, this stand adds an extra touch of authenticity to an already extraordinary set.

Intriguing and captivating, the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 92177 is a true testament to the limitless possibilities of LEGO building. 

#3 LEGO City Cargo Train 60198

LEGO City Cargo Train 60198 Exclusive Remote Control Train Building Set with Tracks for Kids, Top Present for Boys and Girls (1226 Pieces)
  • All aboard the cargo train! Kids can be conductors with this motorized remote control train and tracks set. The best gift for boys and girls who love construction sets, moving trains and endless hours of play!
  • Includes 1226 LEGO pieces that assemble into a cargo train with 4 cars, a control center, an armored truck, a forklift, and rail tracks. For boys and girls ages 6-12 who want to operate their own electronic locomotive.
  • Build your own runaway train story with 6 minifigures (4 train workers, a security officer, and a crook) as well as a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control that operates the battery-powered railway. Batteries not included.
  • The LEGO City Cargo Train is compatible with all LEGO construction sets, giving kids the freedom of off-the-rails imagination when building the trains and tracks of their wildest dreams.
  • Cargo Train measures over 4” (11cm) high, 32” (82cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide; Money Transporter Truck measures over 2” (6cm) high, 6” (15cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide; Control Center measures over 8” (21cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide; Forklift measures over 2” (7cm) high, 2” (5cm) wide

Pieces: 1,226

Minifigures: 6 (4 train workers, a security officer, and a crook) 

Recommended Age: 6-12


  • Complete with a motorized engine controlled by a 10-speed Bluetooth remote. 
  • It includes various wagons for different goods, a versatile crane, an armored truck, a forklift, and comprehensive track layout options. 
  • With accessories like buildable pallets, money bills, and gold bars, plus figures such as train workers and a thief.

This isn’t just any toy train — it’s an advanced electronic system that provides hours of engaging fun. The motorized engine moves like a dream with the latest 10-speed Bluetooth remote control. 

Creative minds aren’t stifled here; they can load up the train’s array of wagons including a crane with an extendable arm, containers for shipping, and even a forklift for work on the tracks. 

Challenging rail setups are simplified with the inclusion of a switch to guide your cargo train on its journey. 

But hold on, the action doesn’t stop there! A robber on the loose means our LEGO minifigures have quite the conundrum on their hands. 

Your little conductor is in for some criminal-chasing excitement as they navigate the train with precious gold and cash in tow. 

And when the winter winds start to blow, the set provides a snowmobile and a snowcat to ensure the snowy conditions don’t halt their heroic transportation.

With its robust design and myriad real-world role-play opportunities, this isn’t just a toy; it’s a passport to engineering wonders and boundless creativity. 

#4 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043 Building Set - Model Kit with Minifigures, Featuring Wand, Boats, and Spider Figure, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff Accessories, Collectible for Adults and Teens
  • Hogwarts Castle Model - Buildable microscale Hogwarts Castle, Hagrid's hut, Whomping Willow tree, and 5 boats.
  • Detailed Decor - Hogwarts Castle features the Great Hall with buildable 'stained glass windows', house banners, benches, tables, flaming torches, and moving staircases.
  • Hagrid's Hut Details - Hagrid's hut comes with Aragog the spider, buildable pumpkins, and decor elements for Potter enthusiasts.
  • Magical Accessory Elements - Accessory elements include the Sword of Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff's cup, wands, potions, house banners, flames, a cauldron, and 2 magnifying glasses.
  • Thrilling Fun - The Whomping Willow includes the buildable blue Flying Ford Anglia car in its spinning branches to recreate thrilling adventures from the Wizarding World.

Pieces: 6,020

Minifigures: 4

Recommended Age: 16+


• Hogwarts Castle Model includes a microscale rendition of the castle, Hagrid’s hut, a Whomping Willow tree, and 5 boats.

• Detailed decor elements for the castle include stained glass windows, house banners, benches, tables, flaming torches, and moving staircases.

• Hagrid’s Hut comes with Aragog the spider, buildable pumpkins, and additional Potter-inspired decorations.

• Magical accessory elements include the Sword of Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, wands, potions cauldron, and more.

• Whomping Willow features a buildable Flying Ford Anglia car in its spinning branches to recreate thrilling adventures from the Wizarding World.

This intricately designed microscale model has all the features you’d expect to find at the iconic school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Relive exciting scenes from your favorite Harry Potter films or imagine brand new ones as you explore the Great Hall, classrooms, Hagrid’s hut, towers, turrets, chambers, and more. 

Look out for Aragog the spider in Hagrid’s Hut and be sure to watch for the Whomping Willow in Hogwarts’ grounds! You even get a buildable Blue Flying Ford Anglia car. 

Includes 4 LEGO Harry Potter minifigures along with 27 microfigures so you can recreate big moments on a smaller scale! 

#5 LEGO Technic Mack Anthem 42078

LEGO 42078 Technic Mack Anthem
  • Mack Anthem
  • Features a detachable trailer with extendable outriggers, landing legs, synchronized crane arms and a container with lockable doors
  • This 2-in-1 truck toy rebuilds into a replica of the iconic Mack LR garbage truck
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 11-16
  • Number of pieces: 2595

Pieces: 2,595

Minifigures: 0

Recommended Age: 11 – 16


• 100% Plastic: perfect for flexible playing

• 2-in-1 truck toy: rebuilds into a replica of the iconic Mack LR garbage truck

• Detachable trailer with extendable outriggers, landing legs, synchronized crane arms, and container with lockable doors

Bring your childhood dreams to life with this fantastic set, and experience a true-to-life model of the Mack Anthem truck.

With realistic details, like a 6-cylinder straight engine with moving pistons, movable wings to adjust the angle of the air intake grille, and even a replica driver’s cab, you can spend countless hours enjoying the perfect replica.

This one of the Best LEGO Sets in the World also includes a LEGO Power Functions motor for motorized operations, along with 8-wheel suspension, working steering, a V8 engine with moving pistons, and a detailed driver’s cab including a working steering wheel, chassis with movable wings, detailed exhaust pipes, and safety cages.

#6 LEGO Super Mario Adventures 71360

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Set, Buildable Toy Game, Birthday Gift for Super Mario Bros. Fans and Kids Ages 6 and Up with Interactive Mario Figure and Bowser Jr., 71360
  • LEGO Super Mario Adventures Starter course toy features an interactive figure of Mario, a Goomba figure, Bowser Jr. and a buildable course, making it a great gift idea for fans of Super Mario Bros.
  • LEGO Mario figure has color sensors, plus LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly to display over 100 different instant reactions to movement
  • This Super Mario buildable toy also has a speaker that plays iconic sounds and music from the classic video game
  • Mario collects virtual coins as he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole, touching 7 action bricks for different interactions
  • Download the free LEGO Super Mario app for fun ways to play and more. Visit LEGO.com/device check for a list of compatible devices

Pieces: 231

Minifigures: 3

Recommended Age: 6+


  • Interactive LEGO Mario Figure: The set includes an interactive Mario figure with color sensors, as well as LCD screens in his eyes, mouth, and belly that express over 100 reactions.
  • Authentic Sounds and Music: The integrated speaker plays recognizable sound effects and music from the Super Mario Bros. video game for an immersive experience.
  • Elevated Interactivity: The in-game experience is enhanced with virtual coin collection as Mario moves from the start to the goal of the course, interacting with 7 different action bricks.
  • Figures and Buildable Course: Features iconic characters like a Goomba figure and Bowser Jr., along with a creatively designed buildable course for fans of the franchise.
  • Battery Operated: The toy requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included), powering the dynamic range of interaction Mario can perform during play.

Perfect for the little Goomba-stomper or seasoned video game fan, this set is a stellar gift idea packed with features that bridge the digital and physical worlds. 

At its core is the iconic interactive Mario figure, complete with color sensors and LCDs that bring Mario’s 100 movements and reactions to life. 

Add a playful soundbank that faithfully echoes the game’s unforgettable music, and this isn’t just a set – it’s a love letter to a gaming legend. 

But it’s not just about looks and sounds; it’s about play. As your young gamer guides Mario through a custom buildable course that includes the menacing Goomba and Bowser Jr., they’ll jump over obstacles, stomp on enemies, and collect virtual coins. 

The seven action bricks add layers of interactivity that keep the game fresh, and when the play is done, a free app offers new ways to challenge and entertain. 

Powered by AAA batteries for countless hours of fun, this set isn’t just for little ones – it’s for anyone who’s ever dreamed of leaping headfirst into the Super Mario universe. 

#7 LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Newspaper Office 76178

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle Newspaper Office 76178 Building Set - Featuring 25 Spider-Verse Minifigures Including Peter Parker, Venom, and Spider-Gwen, Collectible Gift Idea for Adults
  • Marvel LEGO Set - 3,772-piece, 32 in./82 cm high, 4-floor Daily Bugle office recreation with 25 minifigures for adult collectors.
  • Removable Facades - Easy access to detailed rooms with various accessories, and large front posters on the building.
  • Penthouse Office - Bugle's Editor in Chief office, Spider-Man's buggy, and action-packed scenes with Marvel characters.
  • Iconic Minifigures - Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man, Venom, Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Green Goblin, and more in this collection.
  • Additional Characters - Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, Mysterio, Sandman, Robbie Robertson, and other LEGO Marvel minifigures.

Pieces: 3,772

Minifigures: 25 (Marvel Spiderverse characters both heroes and villains)

Recommended Age: 18+


  • This LEGO set features a 4-story Daily Bugle building.
  • Stands over 32 inches tall providing a backdrop for the minifigures.
  • Once built, the removable floors and facades allow the model to be admired from different angles.

From Peter Parker himself to Mary Jane Watson, J. Jonah Jameson, and even Green Goblin, this impressive model is crammed to the rooftop with authentic and memorable characters that will make your spider senses tingle with excitement!

Packed with authentic details and classic comic-book action, this model will transport you into the heart of the Daily Bugle Newspaper Office. 

With 4 stories of LEGO Marvel joy and standing over 32 inches (82 cm) high, this magnificent model will leave you breathless!

They have made sure that you have easy access to the interior because they know you’ll want to explore every captivating detail. 

Simply detach the roof and facades to reveal intriguing features and hidden surprises that will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Once completed, this remarkable model will not only give you an immense sense of accomplishment, but it will also serve as a captivating display piece. 

#8 LEGO Simpsons The Simpsons House 71006

LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House
  • The perfect set for fans of LEGO brick building and The Simpsons!
  • Includes 6 minifigures: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders
  • Remove the roof and top floor to access the different rooms inside
  • House is hinged in the middle for easy access
  • The Simpsons House measures over 9" (23cm) high, 16" (42cm) wide and 9" (24cm) deep

Pieces: 2,523

Minifigures: 6 (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders)

Recommended Age: 12+


• Lift off the roof to explore Homer and Marge’s bedroom, Bart’s room with his skateboard, Lisa’s room with her favorite books, and a bathroom.

• The top floor features a fully-fitted kitchen and living room with a couch and TV playing Itchy and Scratchy.

• The detachable garage includes a workbench, tools, and the family car complete with a dent (a plus in the LEGO world).

• Step outside to find a terrace filled with fun items like a grill, wheelbarrow, and air conditioning unit decorated with Ned Flanders’ name.

Step inside the meticulously designed first floor of the Simpson’s house, with its yellow and light-blue tiled decor. This bustling kitchen is fully equipped with a sink, oven, stove, and drawers. 

Take note of the cups, pot, pan, bowl, mixer, plates, cake tins, and cutlery for added realism. Sit at the dining table with four chairs just like the beloved TV show.

Explore further to discover the living room where a functioning TV plays Itchy and Scratchy. Get comfortable on the couch while admiring the characterful boat painting. 

Pay attention to details like the telephone, carpet, purple piano, and staircase adorned with family photos.

But that’s not all – this LEGO Simpsons The Simpsons House 71006 set goes above and beyond by including the family car. 

The four-seater vehicle features a dent in the front for added authenticity. Open the trunk to find Homer’s suitcase and a ‘radioactive’ bar from the nuclear power plant.

Venture into Bart’s mischievous room filled with his bed, night lamp, desk with pin board, chair, Krusty the Clown poster, shelves of books, radio, and skateboards. 

Lisa’s intellectual side is showcased in her room with a vanity mirror, hairbrush stool, bed, table with a lamp, and cup-filled shelves of books. A magnifying glass and a jazz poster add sophistication.

The detachable garage houses tools like workbench tool rack vacuum cleaner toolbox broom as well as Homer’s DIY projects or Marge’s organization spot. 

In Marge and Homer’s cozy retreat bedroom, there is their bed two side tables Maggie’s crib Marge’s bag for escaping family chaos.

The outside area brings Simpson’s backyard to life – barbecue on garden loungers enjoy fruit cocktails water flowerpots use a shovel for gardening needs- Lisa captures moments with the camera Bart adds a rebellious touch through the skateboard ramp ‘El Barto’ graffiti antenna on the roof completes the iconic Simpson’s house.

#9 Lego Stranger Things Reverse World 75810

Lego 75810 Stranger Things Reverse World
  • This robust model built from Lego bricks can switch between the real world and the "other side" from an alternative dimension.
  • The house features authentic details from the range and is faithfully recreated including details in Will's bedroom, dining room and attic.
  • It combines the look and feel of the Netflix original series, including creepy vines, dark colours and a diluted look.
  • Police Officer Jim Hopper's police car features a removable roof for easy access to the interior and a pumpkin element as a reminder of Season 2.
  • Includes 8 figures: Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and the Demogorgon

Pieces: 2,287

Minifigures: 8 (Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and the Demogorgon)

Recommended Age: 16+


  • House faithfully recreated details of Will’s bedroom, dining room, and attic from Stranger Things
  • Combines the look and feel of Netflix series with creepy vines, dark colors, diluted look
  • Police car from Season 2 has a removable roof and pumpkin element

From the moment you lay your eyes on this mesmerizing set, you’ll be transported to Will’s humble abode, complete with chilling elements that will send shivers down your spine. 

Tread carefully as you navigate through his bedroom, dining room, and the ominous attic where secrets reside. No detail has been overlooked, ensuring an unparalleled level of authenticity that fans will appreciate.

The Lego Stranger Things Reverse World 75810 not only captures the essence of the Netflix original series but also emulates its dark and spine-chilling aesthetics. 

Sinister vines entangle the structure, creating an atmosphere that evokes both fascination and unease. The dark colors and a diluted look perfectly accentuate the eerie nature of the Upside Down, immersing you in a world where anything is possible.

This astounding Lego set also includes Police Officer Jim Hopper’s iconic police car, a piece of the puzzle that adds an extra layer of excitement to your building experience. 

With a removable roof, you’ll have easy access to the meticulously designed interior, where stories of mystery and suspense unfold. 

And let’s not forget the subtle nod to fans with the inclusion of a pumpkin element, serving as a heartfelt reminder of Season 2’s spine-tingling adventures.


As we close the lid on our showcase of the 9 Best LEGO sets in the world, the only question that remains is: which one will be your brick-laying journey’s cornerstone? 

Each of these iconic sets not only promises hours of tactile joy and imaginative escapism, but also a window into a world of history, fantasy, and pop culture that’s yours to create. 

Whether it’s the stately majesty of the Taj Mahal, the bold curves of the Bugatti Chiron, or the snap-together fun of Mindstorms, your next LEGO set isn’t just a purchase — it’s a chapter waiting to be written in the story of your creativity. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy one and let the world of bricks be your infinite canvas.

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