American Girl Doll Names | The Perfect Pick for Your Little One

Looking to name your new favorite doll? Here you’ll find the perfect pick of American girl doll names and their special meanings.

American Girl Doll Names | Ideas for Your Next Adventure

Are you looking for the perfect name for your beloved American Girl Doll? Whether you are picking out a name for a newly adopted doll or searching for an upgrade to your best friend’s identity, selecting just the right moniker can be difficult. 

Finding that perfect fit of classic yet individualistic can be a challenge. To help take some of the burdens off, we’ve compiled our list of top American Girl doll names; featuring unique options and timeless classics that carry deep histories, personal connections, and more!

What is an American Girl Doll?

What is an American Girl Doll

Before we start exploring the perfect names for your American Girl Doll, let’s take a closer look at what makes these dolls so special. American Girl Dolls are 18-inch dolls that were first introduced in 1986 by the Pleasant Company (now owned by Mattel). Each doll has its unique backstory and personality, representing different periods and cultural backgrounds. They come with a variety of accessories, books, and clothing to enhance their individual stories. These dolls have become beloved companions for young girls all over the world.

How to Name Your Child’s Doll? 

How to Name Your Child's Doll? 

Naming a doll may seem like a simple task, but for many young girls, their dolls are more than just toys – they are friends and companions. Therefore, choosing the perfect name is crucial to creating a strong bond between your child and their new doll. Here are some tips to consider when naming an American Girl Doll:

  • Research: Take the time to research names that hold special meanings and connections. This could be a name from your family history or a famous historical figure.
  • Personalization: Let your child be involved in the naming process. Ask them what names they like or if they have any ideas in mind. It’s important for them to feel a sense of ownership over their doll’s identity.
  • Character traits: Consider the personality and backstory of your doll when selecting a name. For example, if your doll is adventurous and loves the outdoors, you may want to choose a name like Sierra or Willow.
  • Period: If your doll represents a specific era in history, you may want to research popular names from that period for authenticity.

Meaning of Some American Girl Doll Names

Now that we’ve discussed some helpful tips, let’s dive into our list of top American Girl Doll Names:


Did you know that the name Abbott can be used for both boys and girls? With its Hebrew origins, it means “father” and carries a sense of religious significance.

While Abbott is often seen as a neglected masculine surname associated with monastery leaders, it offers a charming offbeat appeal. The only drawback may be the feminine nickname Abby, but that shouldn’t deter you from considering this attractive and distinctive option.


Addy is a popular girl’s name!

Addy, often spelled as Addie, has been steadily gaining popularity. It has become a beloved alternative to the previously popular short forms Maddie and Allie. Addy/Addie is now commonly used as a nickname for a variety of formal names like Adeline, Adalynn, Adelaide, and Addison. 


Uncover the true essence of the name Bennett, a name that holds significance for both boys and girls, meaning “blessed”. Picture Ben with a stylish bow tie, a unique blend of Benjamin and Beckett.

But Bennett isn’t just a name, it’s also a symbol of success and wit. 

Furthermore, Bennett is not just a first name, but a powerful surname as well. 


When you hear the name Caroline, images of grace and sophistication come to mind. The name evokes the allure of the Kennedy Camelot era and the Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Caroline’s roots trace back to England, where it arrived with Queen Caroline of Ansbach in 1705 and later with another German Caroline in 1795 when she married George IV. In the United States, Caroline became associated with power and prestige as it was the name of a First Lady, President Benjamin Harrison’s wife.

For those seeking a more feminine and unique option, Carolina offers a beautiful variation of the name. It not only embraces the feminine touch but also serves as a meaningful place name. Don’t confuse it with the trendier Carolyn; Caroline stands the test of time.


Cole is a boy’s name with English origins that means “swarthy, coal black”. This short yet meaningful name is often connected to the talented songwriter Cole Porter and is quite popular in Scotland.


The femininity of Cécile, a beautiful name meaning “blind” in Latin.


The timeless beauty and rich history of Elizabeth, a classic Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God”. With its endless nickname possibilities and iconic associations, Elizabeth can truly become your own.

Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, Elizabeth combines the powerful meanings of “God” and “oath”. It has deep biblical roots, with Elizabeth being the mother of John the Baptist. Notable queens, Elizabeth I and II, have also adorned this regal name. Let’s not forget the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, who despised being called Liz.

Elizabeth offers an array of charming nickname options. From the sweet Libby and the timeless Bess to the cool and antiquated Betty, this name has something for every personality. Eliza and Lilibet, Queen Elizabeth’s childhood nickname, are also gaining popularity. Prince Harry and Meghan even named their daughter Lilibet Diana.

The Elisabeth spelling, recognized across various cultures, boasts notable individuals like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth Shue, Elisabeth Moss, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. In literature and film, Elisabeth has been portrayed as Bethsy, Bep, and Betsy, adding to its allure.


Emily – a girl’s name of Latin origin that signifies “rival”. Derived from the Roman name Aemilia, Emily may have evolved from the Latin word annulus, which expresses qualities like “hardworking” and “rivalry”. While Amelia has a separate origin and was derived from the Germanic name Amalia, Emilia shares the same fascinating Latin root as Emily. Uncover the rich history and significance of this timeless name.


A Latin name meaning “good fortune, happy”. This feminine virtue name is just as accessible as Hope and Faith but with a happier and more feminine vibe. Nicknames include Flick and Fee, and other variations include Felicia and Felice.


A charming name for boys and girls, inspired by English roots and its meaning “keeper of the garden”. This name is a perfect choice for those who appreciate fashionable occupational names.


With origins in the botanical world, Ivy derived from the Old English word ifig. Not only does Ivy hold significance in Greek culture as a symbol of fidelity, but it is also associated with faithfulness in the language of flowers.

This unique and spirited choice has gained popularity, particularly after Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy. Additionally, Ivy has a long-standing tradition of being used during the festive season, making it a perfect choice for babies born in December.


A Spanish gem that signifies “god will add”. This sweet and radiant variation of Josephine is adored internationally, embraced by European nations, and pronounced with charming diversity.


Originally a unisex name with French roots, it signifies “youthful, sky father”.

While Julie enjoyed immense popularity in the 1960s and ’70s, its shorter form is now considered less fashionable. Embrace the elegance of longer variations such as Juliet, Juliana, or the more sophisticated Julia.

Both Julia and Julie can be traced back to Julius, an ancient Roman family name. The true roots of this name are veiled in history, but potential origins include Latin iuvenis, representing “youthful”; Greek ioulos, symbolizing “downy-bearded”; or Jovis, a variant of Jupiter, the celestial “sky father”.


With Native American origins, it carries the beautiful meaning of “pure”. 


A Scandinavian variation of the name Christine, which means “a Christian”! This beautiful girl’s name originates from Norway and carries a strong Nordic charm.


While it originated as a shortened version of Christopher for boys, girls can also enjoy an updated diminutive of Katherine.

Experience the timeless charm of the British-accented nickname Kit, which adds a fresh and modern touch to any name. And don’t forget about the cool and retro nickname Kitty!

Delve into the rich history of the name Kit, which holds English roots and carries the powerful meaning of “pure” or “bearer of Christ.”


Meaning: crowned with laurel


From Hebrew origin meaning “bitter,” this popular girl’s name is a diminutive of Mary. It has been a stand-alone name since medieval times and has remained consistently popular in the U.S. for the past several decades. 

With its likable and down-to-earth nature, Molly also holds an Irish charm, associated with figures like ‘Sweet Molly Malone’ and the Molly Maguires. 


Meaning: horn

This charming name takes us back to the nostalgic Gay Nineties and the era of bicycles built for two. Plus, it’s a popular choice for girls in Sweden.


Rebecca is not just a name, but a symbol of beauty. This classic Hebrew name, with its origins in the Bible, has experienced a resurgence in popularity. It comes from the Hebrew name Rivkah, meaning “to tie, bind.” 

Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob, making her a significant figure in biblical history. While Rebekah was a common spelling in the Bible, the shorter form Becca is now considered more fashionable than the traditional Becky. 


With Spanish origins, this name holds a powerful significance as it symbolizes “king”. Resonating with a fashionable royal charm, Rey bears a resemblance to Ray.


Meaning: behold, a son.


Meaning: compassionate friend.


Derived from Hebrew, Samantha is believed to be a glorious amalgamation of Samuel and the Greek word anthos, symbolizing a divine message. Unveil the beautiful story behind this name which delights in the grace and blossoming qualities of a flower, reminding us of the whispers of God.


With origins in English and an intriguing meaning of “cloth-walker”. In the early 1900s, Walker gained popularity as a name for both boys and girls, reaching Number 296 in 1896. While it remained in use until 1955, it made a strong resurgence in popularity in 1983. Since then, Walker has become a prominent representative of the aspirational surnames of the 1980s and 90s.

Unique and Inspiring American Girl Doll Name Ideas

#1 Give your child’s dolls a special touch by using an abbreviation of their name. It’s a fun way to make the dolls feel like mini versions of your child. Their names may not be identical, but they’ll have a striking resemblance. It’s a simple concept that adds a whole lot of charm to their playtime.

#2 If you’re a fan of American Girl dolls, you know that each doll has its own name and unique backstory. So why not make their names even more special? Consider keeping their last name and using their original name as a middle name. This way, you can have a one-of-a-kind doll. Stand out from the crowd with your very own custom-named doll!

#3 Take a twist on the original name by adding or removing a few letters, resulting in unique and engaging names. For example, I toyed with the idea of naming my doll Leah Peyton Clark but ultimately decided to keep it simple and just go with Leah. Another option I considered was Peyton Clark, which I discovered is the name of an actor from a popular Disney Channel show. 

#4 Choose a name for your child’s doll that matches her physical attributes and adds a personal touch. For instance, names like Skyler or Sky could be perfect for a doll with mesmerizing blue eyes. Another suggestion is River. 

#5 Why not name your child’s doll after a beloved character from their favorite movies, cartoons, or even a famous individual? 

#6 When naming your child’s doll, draw inspiration from the place it was born and use names that have a meaningful connection to that location. For instance, consider names like Karina Bing, which sounds like the last name Bing. I asked my friend for Chinese name suggestions related to cold, and I believe “bing” means ice.

Some American Girl Doll Names You Can Choose

Choose the perfect first name

Hanna – A popular name for strong, confident, and independent girls.

Abby – Short for Abigail, this name is associated with kindness and loyalty.

Ella – A classic name meaning “beautiful fairy”.

Chloe – This name has Greek origins and means “blooming” or “young green shoot”.

Zoé – With Greek roots meaning “life”, this name is often associated with vivacity and charisma.

Mia – From the Latin word for “mine”, this name exudes a sense of ownership and strength.

Olivia – This classic name means “elf army” or “olive tree”.

Isabella – With its origins in Hebrew, this timeless name means “pledged to God”.

Sophia – Meaning “wisdom” in Greek, this name is a popular choice for parents seeking a strong and meaningful name.

Grace – Derived from the Latin word gratia, this name symbolizes grace and kindness.

Felicity – From the Latin word felicitas meaning “happiness” or “good luck”, this name has a cheerful and optimistic connotation. 

Casedy – A unique and modern name, Casey means “brave” or “vigilant”.

Lila – Derived from the Arabic word for “night”, this name has an air of mystery and elegance.

Heather – This pretty flower name is associated with good luck and admiration.

Claire – With French origins, this name means “clear” or “bright”.

Sophie – This name shares its meaning with Sophia but has a softer and more delicate sound.

Lucy – Derived from the Latin word for “light”, this timeless name is associated with radiance and cheerfulness. 

Avery – Originally a surname, Avery means “ruler of elves” or “wise”. It has become increasingly popular as a first name in recent years.

Julie – With a French origin, this name means “youthful” or “young at heart”. 

Samantha – Meaning “God heard” in Hebrew, this name has a spiritual and divine connotation. 

Bethany – This biblical name means “house of figs” or “house of affliction”. It has a strong and resilient meaning.

Rebecca – Meaning “servant of God”, this name has a strong and faithful connotation. 

Addison – Originally a surname, Addison means “child of Adam” or “son of Adam”. It has become a popular choice for girls in recent years.

Xenia – This unique and exotic name has Greek origins, meaning “hospitable” or “welcoming”. 

Lucia – Derived from the Latin word for “light”, this name is associated with brightness and warmth.

Delila – Meaning “delicate” or “weak”, this name has a subtle and gentle femininity. 

Mariah – This beautiful name means “wind” or “beloved”. It has an ethereal and poetic quality.

Caroline – With French origins, this name means “free woman” or “song of happiness”. 

Penelope – From the Greek word for “weaver”, this name has a creative and imaginative connotation. 

Sienna – This unique name means “reddish-brown” or “orange-red”. It has a bold and earthy quality.

Choose the perfect middle name

Christal – This elegant and timeless name means “clear” or “bright”.

Hope – This name is associated with optimism, faith, and trust.

Rose – A classic middle name that symbolizes love, beauty, and passion.

Jade – With its origins in Spanish and Portuguese, this name meaning “stone of the side” has a mysterious and alluring quality. 

Marie – This classic middle name means “beloved” or “wished for child”. 

Louise – Derived from the Germanic word for “warrior”, this name exudes strength and courage.

Elizabeth – With Hebrew origins, this timeless name means “God is my oath”.

Triana – From the Spanish word for “triangle”, this name has a unique and geometric sound. 

Renee – This French name means “reborn” or “born again”. It symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts.

Skye – A nature-inspired middle name, Skye is associated with freedom, openness, and adventure.

Marisol – Meaning “sea and sun”, this name has a warm and sunny feel. It is perfect for a doll who loves the beach and sunshine.

Paige – This charming name means “young servant” or “attendant”. 

Eve – With biblical origins, this name means “living” or “life”.

Iris – From the Greek word for “rainbow”, this name has a colorful and joyful connotation.

Harper – Originally a surname, Harper means “harp player” or “minstrel”. It has a musical and artistic quality.

Catherine – With Greek origins, this name means “pure” or “clear”. It is associated with innocence and goodness. 

Jasmine – This delicate flower’s name symbolizes grace, elegance, and beauty.

Quinn – Meaning “wisdom” or “chief”, this name has a strong and authoritative feel.

Annabelle – A combination of Ann and Belle, this name means “gracious” or “beautiful”. It is perfect for a doll with a kind and gentle spirit. 

Ophelia – With Greek origins, this name means “helper” or “wise woman”. It has a strong and intelligent connotation. 

Scarlett – This bold and fiery name is associated with passion, strength, and determination. 

Rosalie – A variation of Rose, this name means “rose” or “little rose”. It has a romantic and feminine quality.

Meredith – With Welsh origins, this name means “great ruler” or “sea lord”. It has a regal and powerful feel. 

Isla – This Scottish name means “island” or “river”. It has a tranquil and peaceful sound.

Danielle – Meaning “God is my judge”, this name has a strong and righteous connotation. 

Gwen – A short and simple name, Gwen means “blessed” or “white, fair”. 

Opal – This unique and precious gemstone name symbolizes hope, purity, and love. It is perfect for a doll with a gentle and kind heart.

Eden – With biblical origins, this name means “delight” or “paradise”. It has a serene connotation.

Savannah – This name meaning “treeless plain” or “grassland” has an earthy and natural vibe. 

Isabelle – A variation of Isabel, this name means “God is my oath”. It also has a graceful and elegant sound. 

Choose the perfect last name

Clark – With English origins, this surname means “scribe” or “clerk”. It is perfect for a doll with a studious and intellectual persona.

Winters – This last name has a seasonal feel and is associated with resilience, adaptability, and change. 

Cruz – Meaning “cross” in Spanish, this name symbolizes faith, sacrifice, and redemption. 

Tejada – With Spanish origins, this surname means “shingled roof” or “rooftop”. It has a unique architectural sound. 

Hawkins – This last name means “hawk-like” in Old English, symbolizing sharpness, focus, and keen observation.

Flores – A Spanish/Portuguese last name meaning “flowers”, it has a sweet and delicate feel. 

Garcia – With Spanish origins, this surname means “bear” or “young bear”. It has a strong connotation.

Nguyen – This Vietnamese last name means “musical instrument” or “flute”. It is perfect for a doll with a love for music. 

Perez – Meaning “son of Pero (Peter)” or “son of Peres (Peretz)” in Spanish, this last name has a paternal and family-oriented feel.

Gomez – With Spanish origins, this surname means “man” or “husband”. It is associated with strength, protection, and stability. 

Park – This simple and elegant last name has Korean origins, meaning “park” or “garden”.

Mejia – With Spanish origins, this surname means “middle” or “medium”. It has a balanced and harmonious connotation.

Chen – Meaning “dawn” or “morning”, this Chinese last name symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. 

Santos – From the Spanish word for “saints”, this last name has a spiritual and virtuous feel. It is perfect for a doll with a kind and compassionate heart.

Singh – With Indian origins, this surname means “lion” or “hero”. It has a brave connotation. 

Mendoza – This Spanish last name means “cold mountain” or “mountain of the Mendoz family”. It has a strong and majestic sound.

Levy – From the Hebrew surname meaning “joining, attaching”, this last name has a sense of unity and togetherness. 

Baker – This occupational last name means “maker of bread” or “baker”. It has a warm and comforting feel.

Hernandez – With Spanish origins, this surname means “son of Hernando (Ferdinand)”. It has a regal and noble connotation.

Li – This Chinese last name means “plum” or “pear”. It is associated with beauty, elegance, and grace. 

Allen – Meaning “little rock” in Celtic, this last name has a sturdy and strong feel.

Kittredge – With English origins, this surname means “cat’s bridge”. It has a playful and whimsical quality. 

Martinez – This Spanish last name means “son of Martin” or “warrior of Mars”. It is perfect for a doll with a strong and fierce personality.

Robinson – Meaning “son of Robin” in Scottish and English, this last name has a familial and protective connotation. 

Lopez – With Spanish origins, this surname means “son of Lope” or “wolf”. It has a wild and untamed sound.

Graham – With Scottish origins, this surname means “gravelly homestead” or “grey home”. It has a tranquil and peaceful feel. 

Sanchez – This Spanish last name means “son of Sancho” or “flourishing”. It is associated with growth, prosperity, and happiness. 

Clarkson – A variation of the surname Clark, this last name means “son of Clark”. It has a strong and confident sound. 

Yu – Meaning “jade” in Chinese, this last name symbolizes strength and purity. It is perfect for a doll with a resilient and virtuous character. 

Vargas – With Spanish origins, this surname means “from Vargas”, a town in Spain. It has an adventurous and wanderlust feel.

Taylor – This occupational last name means “tailor” or “clothing maker”. It is perfect for a doll with a love for fashion and style.

Escobar – With Spanish origins, this surname means “from Escobar”, a place name meaning “place of broom plants”. It has an earthy and natural vibe.

Smith – This occupational last name means “metalworker” or “blacksmith”. It has a strong and industrious connotation. 

Ramirez – With Spanish origins, this surname means “son of Ramiro” or “branch”. It is associated with growth, strength, and resilience.

Cheney – Meaning “oak wood” in Old English, this last name symbolizes strength and endurance. 


As we’ve seen, American Girl Dolls have long had fascinating and meaningful names with deep roots in our culture and history. Despite the many changes that have been made over the years, these names still retain their original value and inspiration today.

It is this significance that makes these dolls so special and beloved by people of all ages. Whether you’re a collector or simply looking for an inspiring name for your little girl, it’s worth considering the namesake of an American Girl Doll as each offers a different flavor to the story of young womanhood.

So why not take some time today to explore what makes American Girl Doll names so unique? And if you like what you find, don’t forget to share it with the special girls in your life who will benefit from knowing all about America’s inspirational female role models!

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