Can You Recycle Plastic Action Figure Toys?

Have old plastic action figure toys sitting around in your home or garage? Learn – how can you recycle plastic action figure toys into something useful and help out the environment.

Can You Recycle Plastic Action Figure Toys?

Can You Recycle Plastic Action Figure Toys?

As the environmental movement continues to gain momentum and more people are becoming increasingly conscious of their plastic consumption, it seems like many products can now be recycled. But what about those beloved action figures we all collected as kids? 

Can you recycle plastic action figure toys? Can they too be recycled and given a second life after being outgrown and forgotten? We’re here to answer this question by exploring potential answers from green waste disposal companies, toy manufacturers, collectors, parents, and enthusiasts alike who can provide us with valuable insight on recycling these beloved toys. 

So put away your remote control cars for a while and join us as we dive into the world of recyclable action figure toys!

Can You Recycle Plastic Action Figure Toys?

Recycling toys can be challenging due to the variety of materials used to make them. This includes plastics, metals, and paint. However, there are options you can explore. Services like TerraCycle, your local municipal company, or even the manufacturer might be able to assist you.

Are you stuck with old toys that are cluttering your basement? If you’re thinking of selling them, the effort may not be worth the small profit. Instead, why not make an eco-friendly choice and recycle them? But how do you recycle toys, especially plastic ones? It’s not as simple as tossing them in your recycling bin.

Recycling action figures, dolls, handheld games, and various types of toys can be difficult. Unlike a plastic container that is typically made of one type of plastic, toys are often made up of multiple materials that may not be suitable for recycling facilities. Additionally, the shape and composition of toys can potentially damage recycling equipment. Finding recycling solutions for toys can indeed be challenging, but I will provide you with some options. By the end of this, you should have a better understanding of what to do with your old toys that won’t contribute to landfills.

Discover the Best Option for Recycling Your Old Toys

When it comes to recycling old toys, TerraCycle is the standout choice. Industry leaders like MEGA Toys and Hasbro have teamed up with TerraCycle to make toy recycling a priority. With TerraCycle’s services, they provide you with a Zero Waste Box to fill with your old toys and ship them back to them for recycling. 

Once they receive the box, they carefully dismantle the toys and ensure that all the different materials are reused. Even electronic toys are accepted, as long as you follow their guidelines and select the appropriate service. However, it’s important to note that TerraCycle can be a more expensive option, so make sure you have enough items to fill the box and maximize your investment.

Another potential option is your local municipal program. If you can determine the type of plastic your toy is made from, contact your local program to see if they accept it. The challenge with plastic toys is that they often consist of a mixture of different plastic resins, some of which may not be accepted. 

Additionally, plastic toys may include other materials like metal screws, pins, and paint, making recycling more complex. Nevertheless, if you can identify the plastic type through the stamped code on the toy, packaging, or online research, it’s worth reaching out to your municipal program to inquire about acceptance.

Don’t forget to explore recycling programs offered by the toy manufacturer itself. Check their website and social media pages for any information. If nothing is readily available, consider reaching out to the company directly to inquire about their recycling services. As mentioned previously, some companies like Hasbro have partnered with TerraCycle, providing convenient recycling options.

Choose the best method for recycling your old toys and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Benefits of Donating Old Toys: A Simple and Cost-Free Form of Recycling

If you’re tired of the time-consuming and potentially costly process of recycling old toys, we have a solution for you. Donating your old toys not only saves you time but also helps the environment by giving them a second life.

Instead of cluttering your space or throwing them away, consider donating your toys to thrift stores, churches, preschools, shelters, and local charities. Even if your toys have some wear and tear, they may still be valuable to someone in need.

Before donating, ensure that your toys are safe by checking for non-toxicity, cleanliness, and the absence of any potential choking hazards.

By donating your old toys, you can contribute to a worthy cause while decluttering your home. Help make a difference today with the simple act of donation.


Ultimately, the recycling of plastic action figures is possible. While the process may not be straightforward, with some research and careful planning these toys can be up-cycled or recycled instead of destined for a landfill. 

Plus, many toy companies now offer take-back programs to ensure their toys are properly disposed of and prevent them from ending up in landfills and causing further pollution. 

While it is impossible to guarantee that plastic action figure toys can be fully recycled, this does not mean we should throw away our hard-earned cash on unsustainable materials and products. 

If purchasing plastics, be sure to research possible recycling options beforehand. Purchasing eco-friendly packaging along with investing in recyclable materials is always a smart move too! 

Ultimately, reducing our consumption of plastic items, combined with proper disposal and recycling practices whenever possible, are surefire ways to create a more sustainable future – both for ourselves and for those action figure toys!

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