Discover the Most Valuable Madame Alexander Dolls 

Learn more about some of the most valuable Madame Alexander dolls. Check out this guide to find out what you should know before buying or selling your favorite doll collections!

Find Out the Most Valuable Madame Alexander Dolls

Do you have a treasured Madame Alexander doll in your collection? If so, you’re not alone. These whimsical dolls have brought joy to generations of young girls for nearly 100 years and are admired the world over for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Whether your Madame Alexander heirloom is modern or vintage, it’s likely worth more than you think — some of these classic dolls can be surprisingly valuable! 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the history behind Madame Alexander dolls and explore which ones are the most sought-after by collectors today. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and settle down – it’s time to learn all about the Most Valuable Madame Alexander Dolls!

What Are Madame Alexander Dolls? 

Madame Alexander dolls were first created in 1923 by the talented, entrepreneurial Beatrice Alexander. What started as handmade, one-of-a-kind cloth dolls quickly turned into a successful brand with diverse styles and characters. 

Alexander’s vision was to create dolls that were both beautiful and educational, and she succeeded – her creations have become beloved playthings for children around the world. Since then, millions of Madame Alexander dolls have been sold, and their value continues to grow as time goes on.

The Top 10 Most Valuable Madame Alexander Dolls

#1 Madame Alexandre Eloise – $5,000,000

This stunning doll, handcrafted by Madame Alexander, is adorned with luxury Christian Dior clothing, Oscar De La Renta fur, and Katherine Baumann accessories. With sparkling Swarovski crystals and dazzling nine-carat diamonds, Eloise is truly a work of art.

But that’s not all – each doll also comes with its very own accessories and a charming pet dog. Only a limited edition of 5 of these extraordinary dolls exist in the entire world.

Recently, one lucky collector acquired this exquisite doll for an astounding $5 million, making it the most expensive Madame Alexander doll ever sold!

#2 Madame Alexander Doll from 1950 – $25,000

This is a highly sought-after doll from the “Fashion of a Century” series. In impeccable condition with all accessories included, this doll, model 6018, is a true gem from the mid-century era. 

#3 Marie Antoinette Doll – $20,000

Step into history with the exquisite Marie Antoinette Doll, a 21″ composition doll designed from 1942-1946. This doll is not just any ordinary toy – it’s a true treasure that could fetch you a fortune.

Experts attribute the doll’s staggering value to its composition material, a sawdust-based composite that was the pinnacle of doll manufacturing in its time. Before the advent of hard plastic, this material was highly sought after and prized for its craftsmanship.

This doll is a stunning representation of Marie Antoinette, the iconic figure from the Royal Court of England. With meticulous attention to detail, it captures the essence of her extravagant costumes and regal allure.

Imagine owning an original Marie Antoinette doll still in its packaging and pristine condition. This could be your chance to command a similar sum as the recent auction price of $20,000.

#4 Cissy “Forever Darling” Bride Doll – $17,000. 

Created in 1956 by the renowned Madame Alexander, this doll boasts magnificent hand-painted features that showcase the artist’s mastery.

Originally named the “Lucille Ball Forever Darling Bride Doll by Madame Alexander,” this rare piece no longer bears that official label. However, it remains a highly sought-after find among collectors.

Recently, this original doll was sold at auction, making waves in the collector’s community. 

#5 “Ballet Des Fleurs” Portrait Doll from Madame Alexander’s incredible Mystery Series – $17,000

This incredibly rare 21″ doll, created in 1951, is a true masterpiece and the cornerstone of Madame Alexander’s legacy as a renowned doll-maker.

Featuring stunning Burgundy hair and adorned in exquisite white Alencon embroidered lace, complete with sparkling rhinestones and delicate silk flowers, this doll is a sight to behold.

This particular “Ballet Des Fleurs” doll is in mint condition, with all of its original accessories still intact. Recently, it fetched an impressive $17,000 in an online auction.

#6 The 1955 Bridal Lucille Ball doll – $8,000+

This vintage Madame Alexander doll is not only a stunning piece of history but also a tribute to the iconic Lucille Ball and her beloved show, I Love Lucy. With a limited number of these dolls still in existence, it’s no wonder they fetch a hefty price of $8,000+. 

#7 1960 Cissy Doll in Aqua Flowered Skirt -$7,000

Complete with curly bangs and a stunning blonde wig, this Cissy doll is a true treasure. Her hair is expertly pulled back into elegant curls, adding to her charm. The doll is dressed in a delightful cotton skirt adorned with a pink floral design and an attached pink sash.

Accompanying this beautiful doll is a pale pink nylon top, perfectly matching the overall pink theme. This particular version of Cissy was featured in the esteemed “Alexander” collection. It comes with a separate box that includes a stylish pink hat and a wrist booklet.

This incredible Cissy doll was recently auctioned as part of the “As We Were” event, where collectors had the chance to snatch up rare gems.

#8 “Judy, A Debutante” From The Rare Mystery Portrait Series – $5,000

Immerse yourself in the world of Madame Alexander Dolls and behold the sheer perfection of Judy. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, from her flawless clothing to her impeccable hairstyle. Not a single smudge of lipstick in sight!

Prepare to be captivated by Judy’s striking features: her auburn hair elegantly swept away from her face, her mesmerizing eyelashes, and the dazzling rhinestone studded snood adorning her upper back. And let’s not forget about her exquisite pearl necklace and rhinestone earrings that add the perfect touch of glamour.

#9 1951 Rare Mystery Portrait model – $5,000

Introducing the exquisite “Champs-Elysees” Portrait Doll from the sought-after Rare Mystery Portrait Series. This rare find, also known as the Lady with Rhinestone Beauty Mark, captivated audiences in 1951.

Adorned with an ash-blonde wig gracefully styled to showcase her stunning curls, this doll boasts meticulously hand-painted facial features, including long, fluttering eyelashes.

What sets Champs-Elysees apart is the unmistakable beauty mark on her left cheek, embellished with dazzling rhinestone accessories.

This remarkable doll was honored with the prestigious Fashion Academy Gold Medal in 1951, cementing Madame Alexander’s reputation for excellence. 

#10 Cissy Doll With Wardrobe – $5,000

These incredible dolls hit the scene in 1955 before the famous Barbie even made her debut. With their stunning outfits and unique charm, Cissy dolls quickly became a sensation.

Measuring 20-21 inches tall, these adorable baby dolls came in a variety of styles and boasted an extensive wardrobe. From glamorous evening gowns to cute everyday ensembles, their outfits were nothing short of remarkable. Depending on factors like condition, original accessories, and production year, a Cissy doll can fetch an impressive price – like the record-breaking $5,000 achieved at an auction for this 1955 Cissy doll with a Wardrobe.


Madame Alexander dolls are a timeless classic that will be cherished for generations. They perfectly capture the charm of childhood while being forever adored by collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. 

The most desirable and valuable models are sought after for their intricate designs and limited availability – many of which can fetch thousands of dollars on the open market. 

Although it may seem daunting to start a collection of Madame Alexander dolls, there is no better way to indulge in nostalgia than to own one or more. 

Whether your motivation is personal or professional, discovering what Pierre-Auguste Renoir once said – “The pain passes, but the beauty remains” – will be well worth it! 

So go ahead – leap and find out why investing in a Madame Alexander doll could be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. We hope this post gave you some useful insight about these wonderful toys and encouraged you to seek out even more information!

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