What Arcade Games Give the Most Tickets? 

Want to maximize your ticket collection at the arcade? Here’s a comprehensive guide on what arcade games give the most tickets.

What Arcade Games Give the Most Tickets? 

Are you looking to cash in big time at your next arcade visit? If the key motivator for your next round of games is earning tickets towards prizes, then pay attention! 

Searching for what arcade games give the most tickets can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve done all the legwork and research to discover what are the best ticket-giving machines out there. 

While the monster jackpot may seem enticing, the normal jackpot on Monster Drop offers a more achievable goal.

With our help, you will soon find yourself clutching juicy handfuls of tickets that could be swapped for an armful of goodies after just a few plays! Get ready to start planning your strategy, because these top-notch ticket bonuses aren’t waiting around forever…

What Are Tickets in Arcade Games? 

Before we jump into the best ticket-giving machines, let’s quickly go over what tickets are and how they work. In most arcade games, players can earn tickets by achieving a certain score or completing a specific task in the game. These tickets can then be redeemed for various prizes at the arcade’s prize counter.

The number of tickets earned depends on the difficulty of the game and the player’s skill level. Some games may give out a few tickets for every play, while others may require multiple plays to earn a significant number of tickets.

What Arcade Games Give the Most Tickets? 

#1 SpongeBob Coin Pusher

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 3000 tickets

While the SpongeBob Pineapple arcade may have the highest ticket payout, is it truly the best game for tickets? Not necessarily. Collecting all 9 cards can be challenging, as they are harder to drop off the coin shelf.

Prepare for a challenge as the coins in the SpongeBob coin pusher are difficult to control and often get shoved to the corners of the machine. Pushing anything from the middle of the edge takes time and chips at Dave and Buster’s.

But fear not! We have tips and tricks to help you win as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for the rare Gary card, which holds great value in the game.

#1 SpongeBob Coin Pusher

#2 Star Trek Coin Pusher 

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 2500 tickets

Drop coins on the shelf and watch as they push towards the edge, along with collectible cards and tokens.

With each full set of cards you turn in, you can win an impressive 2500 tickets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to collect and cash in.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Star Trek characters available by checking our guide below. And keep your eyes peeled for the super rare card that changes with each new set. Get ready to grab it before it’s gone!

#3 Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 2500 tickets

Similar to the Star Trek version, the Wizard of Oz coin pusher adds an exciting twist with another set of collectible cards.

Keep your eyes peeled for the rare Toto card – playing the Wizard of Oz machine when this card appears is a must!

Prepare for a relaxing yet addictive experience as you chase the next card that drops onto the shelf. Remember to play responsibly and not spend all your money.

#4 Despicable Me Jelly Lab

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 2000 tickets

Despicable Me Jelly Lab may not be a traditional coin pusher, but it offers a similar gameplay experience, complete with collectible cards that can score you big prizes.

Unlike other games that rely mostly on luck, Despicable Me Jelly Lab is all about skill. With precise timing, you can land your coins on the card slot every time.

Collecting cards is a breeze, but the real challenge lies in finding all the rare minion cards in the set.

Each card set has one incredibly rare card, and in Despicable Me Jelly Lab, it’s the Evil Minion. Once you spot this card, your journey to collecting the rest will become much easier.

#4 Despicable Me Jelly Lab

#5 Monster Drop

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 100 – 2000 tickets

Watch as a bouncy ball drops from the top of the machine, bouncing around and landing in various holes that each hold different ticket values. Keep an eye out for the bonus ball slot, which can release multiple balls at once for even more chances to win big.

While the monster jackpot, starting at 1,000 tickets, is a challenge to hit, it offers the ultimate reward. Aim for this elusive spot and see if luck is on your side.

Not up for the monster jackpot challenge? No worries. The normal jackpot on Monster Drop is much more attainable, especially with a nifty timing “hack” that can help you drop the ball right into the jackpot slot. Check out our guide below for this trick and other tips to help you maximize your chances of winning.

#6 Tower of Tickets

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 1000 tickets

With the right timing, winning becomes consistent, making it an excellent choice for maximizing your arcade ticket haul.

Unfortunately, some Dave and Buster locations no longer have Tower of Tickets but fear not, you can still find it at various local arcades. 

The machine is filled with numerous pucks, each offering different ticket values. The next highest amounts are 750 and 500 ticket pucks. While it may appear luck-dependent, we have a guide below to help you master the skill of timing the button press to grab your desired ticket amount.

Keep in mind that typically, you can only win once per visit. The machine alters its timing after your first successful grab.

#7 Quik Drop

Cost: 6.8 chips

Win potential: 500 – 1000 tickets

This fan-favorite arcade game requires perfect timing and skill to drop all 50 red balls into the rotating buckets without a single miss. Not only is it an exciting challenge, but it also offers the opportunity to win an impressive amount of tickets.

But here’s the key to maximizing your chances: when the game is in easy mode, dropping 4 balls into each bucket guarantees a win. This trick makes the game more accessible, compared to the difficulty of making 5 balls.

To consistently win the jackpot, it’s important to master the right timing pattern and know when the game is in an easier setting. However, keep in mind that you can only achieve the jackpot once. Subsequently, you’ll have to wait for the game to become easier to beat again.

If your goal is to win the jackpot, Quik Drop is best played during its easy mode. However, please note that easy mode availability may vary, so plan your visit to Dave and Buster’s accordingly.

#8 Spin Out

Cost: 10 chips

Win potential: 100 – 1000 tickets

Spin Out is an exciting spin-the-wheel game that offers the chance to win a range of tickets with each play. Similar to Big Bass Wheel, this game may seem completely random at first, but there’s a clever trick to maximize your winnings.

By timing your button press just right, you can consistently land on the 100-ticket slot, ensuring a minimum win of 100 tickets every time you play. While the multiplier arrow’s landing spot is difficult to control, there’s always the possibility of scoring even higher – up to 1,000 tickets with the 10x multiplier!

Despite the slightly higher cost of 10 chips compared to the 6.8 chip average at Dave and Buster’s, Spin Out is a game that shouldn’t be overlooked. A strategic approach can guarantee you at least 100 tickets for each play. If you want to maximize your value, be sure to take advantage of Half-Off Wednesday.


As you can see from the above information, there are several great arcade games to choose from if you’re hoping to win some tickets! 

Whether you want a classic game like skeeball or a fun and thrilling challenge like target practice, these eight games should provide plenty of opportunities for rewards. 

With whichever ones you decide to play, keep track of your tickets and remember to have some fun! Don’t forget to redeem your tickets or prizes-you won’t regret it! 

Next time you go to the arcade, test out your skills at one of these awesome ticket-earning games and let us know how many points you’ve managed to snag. Good luck on your quest for high scores and sweet tokens!

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