How to Build Toy Storage Action Figures | Step-by-Step Guide 

Learn how to build toy storage action figures for your child’s bedroom with these simple steps. Get creative and give your little one the perfect place to store their toys!

How to Build Toy Storage Action Figures?

How to Build Toy Storage Action Figures

If you’re an aspiring toy maker, building your storage action figures can be a great way to take your art skills to the next level. Not only will these creations serve as unique conversation pieces that showcase your ingenuity and craftsmanship, but they also provide a fun platform for inventive storytelling with friends and family. 

Creating these figures is relatively straightforward; all that’s needed is some basic materials and tools, plus a healthy dose of creativity! 

To help get you started on putting together awe-inspiring storage figures from scratch, we’ve gathered our expert tips and tricks for constructing nearly any type of character imaginable. Read on to learn more about how to build toy storage action figures that delight viewers of all ages!

How to Build Toy Storage Action Figures?

#1 Acrylic Bin: Efficient Small Toy Storage Solution

After surveying my collection of bins and baskets, I discovered that some plastic containers, typically used in our pantry, seamlessly fit the shelves in our new family room cabinets. Initially intended as a temporary fix, these handled bins turned out to be an ideal match for storing small toys.

Featuring clear acrylic bins on white shelves, this storage setup possesses multiple advantages. The bins are the perfect size for accommodating numerous tiny toys, striking the right balance between spaciousness and compactness. Furthermore, their superior durability ensures long-lasting use, while the convenient handles facilitate easy transportation.

The transparency of the bins allows children to quickly identify the content of each one, and the addition of simple labels proves invaluable when all the bins are retrieved and toys scatter across the floor.

Moreover, these bins fit snugly on our shelves at an accessible height for the little ones. It is a rare moment during the day when at least one of these bins isn’t pulled out and carried around the house while our kids are at home.

#2 Decorative Boxes: Stylish Storage Solution

Discover the perfect storage solution for small toys with these trendy decorative wooden boxes from Target. Sturdy, stackable, and equipped with easily removable lids, these boxes provide a convenient spot for a variety of play items.

What sets decorative boxes apart is their ability to seamlessly blend into “adult” areas, making them an ideal choice for those who are transforming their living room into a playroom. Whether displayed on bookcases, mantels, or tucked away under a coffee table, these boxes effortlessly combine practicality with stylish aesthetics.

#3 Little Bags and Pouches: Compact and Convenient Storage Solutions for Toys and Art Supplies

Discover the essential solution for tidying up your tiny toys and art supplies! Introducing our collection of Little Bags & Pouches. From canvas draw-string bags to clear peek-a-boo bags and zipper pouches, we have the perfect storage options for all your small items.

The beauty of using small bags is their ability to contain a small collection within a larger storage bin. No need to worry about the messy bottom of larger baskets when using a toy box or cube shelves like the popular IKEA Kallax.

But that’s not all – our small bags are also ideal for on-the-go adventures. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, visiting the doctor’s office, or dining at a restaurant, simply toss a bag of trains, mini-figures, or cards into your purse and you’re ready to go! Stay organized and stylish with our Little Bags & Pouches.

#4 Nested Baskets: Maximize Shelf Space

In our previous homes, we stored our small toy collections in Y-weave plastic baskets. These versatile baskets could either sit on shelves or be nested inside larger baskets. 

However, we quickly learned that choosing the right size basket is key to efficient storage. By matching the height and depth of the basket to the shelf, you can avoid wasting valuable space. 

One of the benefits of nesting smaller baskets inside larger ones is the ability to maximize shelf area while keeping everything neatly organized. Experience the convenience of baskets within baskets for optimal storage!

#5 Plastic Boxes with Lids: Versatility

Looking for a practical and efficient way to declutter and organize your space? Look no further than lidded boxes! Whether it’s the popular Sterilite snap-top boxes, lidded shoe boxes, or hinged-lid boxes, these versatile containers offer endless possibilities.

From keeping your collection of LEGOs and cars in check to storing play food and doll accessories, lidded boxes are a game-changer. The best part? They are stackable, meaning you can maximize your storage space and keep all your prized possessions in one convenient location.

However, not all lidded boxes are created equal. While some might have lids that are a bit too tricky for little hands to handle (like Sterilite boxes), the flip-top boxes tend to be the winners – especially when it comes to younger kids.

Experience the convenience and functionality of lidded boxes for yourself. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization. Start your journey towards a tidy and stress-free space today.

Stacking Drawers: Perfect for Small Areas

Discover the perfect solution for optimizing space in your home. Our stacking drawers are a game-changer, ideal for small spaces and organizing various items. Whether it’s toiletries, medicines, or small collections, these drawers have got you covered.

What sets these drawers apart is their vertical nesting design. Say goodbye to wasted vertical space on open shelving. Available in different sizes, including small and deep, they offer the same clear functionality as traditional bins. Plus, the drawers fully extend, making it effortless for kids to grab them and take them wherever they’d like for playtime.

Don’t have enough floor space? No problem! This organization method can also be achieved with any set of stacking drawers or a rolling cart with mini drawers.

Transform your storage options with our stackable drawers today!


Building toy storage action figures can be an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby, but it also comes with a lot of care and attention. It’s important to take your time when crafting these figures, as this will ensure the figures last a lifetime. 

It’s also essential to plan and choose durable materials that will be able to withstand wear and tear over time. Whether you are making a one-of-a-kind creation or building multiple copies, each figure should be given the same amount of love and attention. 

With dedication, practice, and the right supplies, anyone can create their beautiful toy storage action figures! So get creative, stock up on the necessary materials, and make something truly unique – your imagination is the only limit.

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