How to Get Baseball Cards Graded 

Learn how to get baseball cards graded and increase their value in the eyes of collectors.

How to Get Baseball Cards Graded?

Do you have an extensive collection of baseball cards that needs professional grading? If so, you’re not alone! 

Acquiring and curating a collection of vintage baseball cards can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it’s important to make sure your prized possessions are properly valued. 

Professional grading by one of the major card-grading services like PSA or Beckett can help increase the value of your card as well as provide certification regarding their authenticity. 

In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to get baseball cards graded, from determining whether or not they should be graded at all to finding the most suitable service for your needs. So let’s get started!

Understand the basics of Baseball Card Grading 

Understand the basics of Baseball Card Grading 

Before you embark on the journey of getting your baseball cards graded, it’s important to understand the basics of card grading. 

Grading is a process used to assess and determine the condition and quality of a card, taking into account factors such as centering, corners, edges, surface, and overall appearance. 

Cards are given a grade on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the highest and most desirable grade. 

Higher grades mean that the card is in better condition, increasing its value and appeal to collectors.

Should You Grade Your Baseball Cards? 

The decision to grade your baseball cards ultimately comes down to personal preference and goals for your collection. 

If you’re a serious collector looking to add value and authenticity to your cards, then grading may be a wise choice. 

However, if you’re simply looking to preserve your cards for personal enjoyment or as a family heirloom, grading may not be necessary.

Additionally, the cost of grading can vary depending on the service and type of card being graded. It’s important to weigh these factors before deciding whether or not to move forward with grading.

Things to Know Before Grading Your Card

Things to Know Before Grading Your Card

Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Baseball Cards

Discover the secret to maximizing the worth of your baseball card collection. Trust the leading grading services like PSA, Beckett, CSG, or SGC to authenticate and grade your cherished cards.

Supercharge Your Cards’ Worth for as Low as $15

Invest in the future of your collection with affordable card grading services. Prices typically range from $15 to $25 per card for standard services. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered even if you own high-value cards or desire a quicker turnaround time.

Get Your Graded Cards in Just 2 Months

Experience the thrill of holding your professionally graded cards in your hands within a mere 2 months. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace the certainty of authenticated and graded cards.

Finding the Right Grading Service 

Once you’ve decided to get your baseball cards graded, it’s time to find the right service for your collection. 

The two most well-known and reputable grading services are Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) and Beckett Grading Services (BGS). 

Both provide certification of authenticity and use a similar grading scale, but there are some differences in their grading criteria and cost. 

It’s important to do your research and compare the services before making a decision.

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). 

With their simple grading scale and consistent labels, you can trust PSA to accurately assess the value of your cards. Trust the most reputable and trusted grading service in the industry.

Expect to pay just $15-25 USD per card for grading services. But if your card is worth more than $500, it may cost you $75 or more. Don’t worry about the wait, as it takes just around 2 months to receive your graded cards. Need them sooner? Opt for the expedited service and get your cards back within 2 weeks for an additional fee.

Want the VIP treatment for your cards? PSA even attends trading card conventions, so you can get your cards graded in person. Check out their calendar to see if they are coming to your area. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost the value of your baseball cards with PSA.

Beckett Grading Services (BGS)

With a reputation as one of the top grading services in the industry, Beckett has been trusted since the 1880s to assess and preserve the quality of baseball cards. No need to worry about damage or tampering, as Beckett securely encases your graded cards to ensure their protection.

Looking to enhance the value of your collection? Beckett offers additional subgrades that thoroughly assess the corners, edges, and printing of your cards, allowing potential increases in their worth.

Concerned about cost and turnaround time? Our standard grading fee is an affordable $16-18 USD per card, for a batch of 10. For faster service or smaller card quantities, expect to pay slightly more, around $22-40 USD. Plus, while our typical grading process takes approximately 2 months, we offer expedited options for those who desire speedy results.

Want your cards graded sooner rather than later? Beckett understands the excitement and offers quicker turnaround times for those who can’t wait. Choose the option that suits you and get your cards back within a few days.

Located in Plano, TX, Beckett provides a convenient drop-off service at their office. Say goodbye to the fear of sending your precious cards by mail and bring them directly to our trusted experts for grading. Unleash the true potential of your baseball card collection with Beckett Grading Services.

Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG)

Trust is essential when it comes to grading your baseball cards. That’s why Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) is proud to be backed by the top grading services for coins, money, and comic books. With CSG, you can rest assured that your cards are in safe hands.

Not only does CSG prioritize trust, but it also prioritizes efficiency. They utilize accurate AI tools to expedite the grading process, ensuring that you receive your cards back faster compared to other services. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to a quicker turnaround time.

Each card you send to CSG is carefully inspected and awarded a seal of authenticity upon grading. This seal guarantees that your card is genuine, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Now, let’s talk about affordability. If you send in at least 25 cards at a time, CSG charges a competitive rate of just $12 per card. For smaller quantities, their standard services are still reasonably priced, ranging from $15 to $20.

Experience the difference with CSG. Expect to receive your graded cards within approximately 20 days of sending them in. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Certified Sports Guaranty for all your baseball card grading needs.

Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC)

Get your baseball cards graded by SGC – the trusted choice for both vintage and modern cards since the late 90s. With no minimum card amounts and quick turnaround times, SGC is the cost-effective option for collectors. Please note that cards graded by SGC may have a slightly lower value compared to other grading services like PSA. Don’t wait, send in your cards today!

Pricing: Grading starts at $18–$24 per baseball card.

Turnaround Time: Usually 5–10 business days, but expedited service within 1–2 days is available for an additional fee.

How to Get Baseball Cards Graded?

Step 1: Selecting valuable and pristine cards to be professionally graded

Take the first step by organizing your cards by sets or age and identifying the gems within your collection. Look out for cards with straight edges, unbent corners, and unscratched images as these will fetch the highest value. 

Conduct a quick search on platforms like eBay to determine the current selling prices for each card. If a card is selling for more than the cost of grading, seize the opportunity to send it in for professional grading. 

Remember, cards featuring popular baseball players or those with impressive records are particularly sought after and worth grading.

Step 2: Select a grading service and complete an online submission form

Just select one of the grading services and fill out an online form with all the necessary details about your cards – brand, player name, year, card number, and estimated value. This information ensures a comprehensive log for the service to track your graded cards. Plus, if you’re in a hurry to receive your cards, consider opting for a higher price level to enjoy faster turnaround times.

Step 3: Preparing Your Cards for Grading 

Before sending your cards off to be graded, it’s crucial to properly prepare them for the process. 

This includes carefully inspecting each card for any flaws or defects, such as creases, stains, or print markings. 

Remove any sleeves or holders and place the cards in protective cardboard holders to prevent damage during shipping.

Step 4: Safely pack and ship your cards for grading with these easy steps

First, place your cards in card sleeves and sandwich them between two pieces of cardboard for added protection. Wrap the bundled cards in bubble wrap and seal them in a shipping box. 

Don’t forget to include a copy of your order confirmation inside. Address the package to your chosen grading service and select a reliable shipping provider such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Remember, each grading service may have specific packing instructions, so follow their guidelines when submitting your form. 

And for peace of mind, make sure to purchase shipping insurance for your baseball cards. If the package is lost or damaged, you’ll be fully reimbursed for its value.

Step 5: The Grading Process 

After your cards have been submitted, they will go through a thorough evaluation by trained experts at the grading service. 

When you send in your cards, our experienced team will thoroughly inspect them to ensure their authenticity and guarantee that they have not been tampered with. Our detailed examination includes checking the corners, and edges, centering on the printing, and surface damage of each card. Based on our assessment, we will assign your card a grade on a scale of 1-10, with a perfect 10 indicating pristine mint condition.

For an added fee, we also provide half-grades or subgrades specifically for corners and edges.

Step 6: The grading service carefully encases your cards in durable plastic holders. 

Not only that, but they also ensure the utmost security by sealing them in tamper-proof hard cases. To make it convenient for you, they attach a clear label at the top of the case, displaying vital information and the assigned grade. Easily spot the details of your valuable collectibles with just one glance.

Step 7: Receiving Your Graded Cards 

Once the grading process is complete, you will receive your graded cards back from the service. 

They securely pack and ship your cards within the specified turnaround time. You can expect to have your precious cards back in just a few weeks or a maximum of two months, depending on the grading service you select.

Each card will come with a certification of authenticity and grade assigned by the service. 

These certified graded cards can now be safely stored or displayed with pride, knowing they have been professionally evaluated and valued.

Advantages of Grading Baseball Cards

Rest easy knowing your cards are genuine and untampered with

Shield yourself from sellers trying to deceive you by passing off altered cards as originals. By having your cards professionally graded, you can be confident that they are authentic and in their original condition, preserving their value.

Don’t let anyone tamper with your precious collection.

Once your cards are encapsulated in a graded case, any attempts at alteration will be unmistakable. Card grading provides an added layer of protection, ensuring the integrity of your investment.

Discover the lucrative potential of graded baseball cards

Unlock the true value of your collection by grading your baseball cards. Not only will this help you determine the quality of your cards, but it will also attract serious collectors who are willing to pay top dollar. Take advantage of online marketplaces to gauge the current market value of your graded cards, ensuring a fair and profitable selling experience. 

Protect and enhance your baseball card investments

Safeguard your valuable baseball cards with grading services. Once encapsulated, your cards are shielded from any potential damage or alterations. Rest easy knowing that your card’s condition is preserved, eliminating the risk of accidental damage and ensuring its maximum value when it’s time to sell.

Alternatives to Grading

Unofficial grade your baseball cards with a card-grading app

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually assessing your cards – simply use popular phone apps like CollX or TrueGrade. These apps allow you to effortlessly scan a picture of your baseball cards and receive an unofficial grade. The app thoroughly evaluates aspects like corners, edges, centering, and surface quality, providing you with a reliable assessment of your card’s condition and potential value. Although the grade is not certified by any official services, it still serves as a valuable indicator of your cards’ worth.

If your card receives a grade of 8 or higher on the app, you may want to consider sending it to a grading service for an official grade, especially if you plan on reselling it.

Use PSA Photograde to compare your card to graded versions

Discover alternatives to grading your cards by using PSA Photograde. This innovative tool showcases cards of varying grades from 1 to 10, providing detailed explanations for each grade. Simply click through the example images and compare them to your cards to determine a potential grade. Save money by getting an idea of the assigned grade without paying for the service.


How much does it cost to have a baseball card graded? 

The cost of grading a card varies depending on the service and additional services, such as expedited processing or half-grades. Generally, it can range from $20 to $10,000 per card.

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What is the benefit of getting a card professionally graded? 

Having your cards professionally graded adds value to your collection by ensuring its authenticity and condition, making it more attractive to potential buyers, and increasing its resale value. It also protects against alteration or damage.

Can I grade my baseball cards? 

While you can assess your cards on your own, it is recommended to have them professionally graded for a more accurate and unbiased evaluation. Plus, official grades are recognized and respected in the collecting community. So why take the risk when there are professionals who specialize in grading collectible cards? 

How long does the grading process take? 

The turnaround time for grading services can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks to a maximum of two months. Some services may offer expedited processing for an additional fee.

Are Vintage Sports Cards Worth Getting Graded?

Are Vintage Sports Cards Worth Getting Graded?

Contrary to popular belief, getting your cards graded may not boost their value. Most graded cards tend to fetch less than their ungraded counterparts.

Why is PSA grading so expensive?

As the epitome of reliability, PSA-graded cards often command top dollar in the secondary market. Understandably, PSA capitalizes on its prestigious reputation by charging premium rates for its esteemed services.

What is the cheapest way to get a card graded?

With SGC and PSA, you have access to the cheapest card grading service options. SGC offers a fantastic rate of $15 per card for their standard 5-10-day service, specifically for cards valued under $1,500. As for PSA, their exclusive ‘TCG Bulk’ tier (available to Collectors’ Club members) is also priced at just $15 per card.

How to get your baseball cards professionally graded for free?

At select times, JRI Cards provides free grading services for high-value cards. Say goodbye to uncertainty and let the experts at JRI utilize renowned grading services like PSA, SGC, and BGS.

Is PSA card grading worth it for your collectible cards? 

Absolutely! PSA card grading not only provides essential protection for your valuable cards but also significantly increases their resale value. With your prized cards securely encased in protective card holders, you can rest assured knowing they are shielded from damage. Moreover, collectors who are in the know understand that unsheathed cards are perceived as less valuable, making PSA card grading a smart move for any serious collector.

Is Beckett or PSA better? 

Both Beckett (BGS) and PSA are reputable grading services that offer similar services at comparable prices. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and which service you feel most comfortable with. Some collectors may prefer the detailed subgrades offered by BGS, while others may appreciate the consistency of PSA’s single-grade system. Do your research and choose a service that aligns with


With all that in mind, now is the time to start your journey through baseball card grading. These are valuable assets that should be taken care of and graded in a timely and efficient manner. 

It’s important to research the various companies out there for card grading offering different packages, services, and prices so you can decide which one is best for your needs. 

Moreover, don’t neglect any safety precautions or necessary steps when shipping off your beloved treasure trove of baseball cards. 

Finally, look into having only the most trusted and well-renowned experts handle your precious cards. There’s no need to send them off to some unknown source without taking the time to do proper due diligence beforehand. 

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be on your way to getting your baseball cards graded quickly, safely, and reliability! Ready? Let’s go!

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