How to Hang Kids’ Art | 10 Ways Easily and Creatively!

Have too many of your kids’ masterpieces? Don’t worry. We put together this easy guide on how to hang kids’ art so you can make the most of their creativity and showcase it easily at home.

How to Hang Kids’ Art Easily & Creatively

How to Hang Kids' Art

Are you looking for a creative way to add some color and personality to your child’s bedroom or play space? Hanging kids’ art is the perfect solution! Showcasing artwork created by their own hands in the home can help your little ones take pride in their accomplishments while adding instant charm. 

Not sure how to hang Kids’ art? Keep reading for our handy guide on all things related to hanging kids’ art. We will show you everything from which materials work best, where is the best place to hang those precious masterpieces, and even how much space between pieces should be considered. 

With this information at your fingertips, you can quickly create a beautiful gallery wall fit for any admirer of miniature artistry!

How to Hang Kids’ Art?

#1 Use the Frames

Elevate the display of your child’s artwork with our collection of kids’ art frames. These frames not only showcase the creativity of your little ones but also offer convenient storage for extra pieces. 

#2 Displaying Kids’ Artwork without Damaging Walls: A Renter’s Solution

Don’t let renting hold you back from showcasing your children’s masterpieces. Discover how to create a stunning wall artwork display without drilling any holes.

With just a few simple items like Command hooks, picture wire, and a suitable hanging spot, you can easily set up your display. Worried about damaging your walls? No problem! You can even attach it to the side of a wardrobe, cupboard, or the back of a door.

#3 Digital artwork collage

Create a lasting display of your child’s artwork with a digital artwork collage. This unique idea may take a little more time initially, but it’s well worth the effort. Select your child’s favorite or best drawings, scan each one, and print them out. Then, frame the collage for a stunning piece of artwork that showcases their talent. By consolidating their drawings into one piece, you no longer need to keep a large quantity of originals. Experience the joy of preserving and showcasing your child’s artwork in a beautiful and space-saving way.

#4 Clip Boards 

Create a captivating gallery of your child’s masterpieces with the help of clipboards! Our innovative wall display project utilizes second-hand clipboards, making it a budget-friendly and sustainable option. Simply attach the clipboards to the wall and let the clips securely hold the artwork in place. It’s a hassle-free and visually stunning way to showcase their creativity!

#5 DIY Display Wall with Pegs

Skip the usual clips and make a unique display wall for your child’s artwork using just a piece of wood and some pegs. With a simple strip of wood, clothespins, paint, glue, and nails, you can create a charming hanging piece to showcase your masterpieces.

#6 Matching frames for a seamless look

Achieve a unified aesthetic with perfectly coordinated frames. Opt for affordable frames in the same color to create a visually harmonious gallery wall. The beauty of this approach lies in its versatility – effortlessly swap out the artwork and curate a constantly evolving display. By selecting matching frames, your art will truly take center stage, making a striking impact.

#7 Floating Wall Shelves

Enhance your kids’ art display with floating wall shelves. These versatile ledges make it a breeze to swap out artwork by simply propping up painted canvases, framed art pieces, and 3-D art. Enjoy the freedom of layering and rearranging without leaving any unsightly holes in your walls.

#8 Magnetic Wooden Hangers

Introducing our exquisite Magnetic Wooden Hangers – the perfect solution for displaying your child’s artwork with ease and elegance. Update their masterpieces effortlessly whenever they create something new!

#9 Create a designated area for kids or throughout your home

Optimize your home’s design by showcasing your kids’ art in a dedicated display area or seamlessly blending it with your existing artwork throughout the house.

#10 Decal

Add a touch of creativity to your child’s artwork with temporary decal frames. Transform a blank wall into a gallery wall or create “frames” using washi tape. Simply hang the art using pins or tape. It’s a low-commitment solution that brings a fresh and artistic vibe to any space.


Hang your kids’ artwork in an orderly manner that suits your style and home decor. Let their creativity become a part of your home and see the joy it brings to their little faces when they can proudly show off their work. 

Go ahead and allow them to express themselves freely through artwork –– it’s one of the best things you can do as a parent. When doing this, it is important to remember that things do not have to be perfect. 

There are many ways to hang the artwork and each way you choose will create cherished memories for years to come. Be sure to allow space between paintings and sculptures so they can be appreciated independently within their groupings. 

A well-crafted plan for mounting their art will ensure that your children continue expressing themselves through creative work as they get older, having visible proof of what made them realize how truly amazing and talented they are!

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