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LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter Reviews

Are you looking for a LEGO set that is unlike any other Lego set? Look no further than the recently released LEGO 21327 Ideas- Typewriter. 

Ideal for those who love both classic typewriters and LEGOs, this 2,079-piece set will bring your creativity to life as it transports you into another world of master builders. 

Carefully designed with authenticity in mind, the typewriter has an impressive range of features including a working roller mechanism and striking rod movement – making it look just like a real typewriter! 

This intricate build also comes complete with detailed instructions to help bring your inputter creation to fruition. 

With plenty of customizable elements such as colored bricks and stickers there’s lots of potential for fun and creative expression when piecing together this unique set – read on to find out with our LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter reviews!

An Overview of Lego Ideas

Lego Ideas is a unique platform that allows fans and builders alike to submit their designs for potential Lego sets. 

The ideas are voted on by the community, and if they reach 10,000 supporters within a certain timeframe, they are reviewed by the LEGO Ideas team for possible production as an official set.

The Inspiration Behind the LEGO Typewriter Set

The LEGO Typewriter set was the brainchild of fan designer, Steve Guinness from the United Kingdom. His love for typewriters and LEGOs inspired him to create a unique and intricate build that would appeal to both young and old fans alike.

LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter Reviews

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Pieces: 2,079

Recommended Age: 18+


• LEGO Ideas Set for Adults features an old-fashioned, build & display typewriter model that moves and sounds like the real thing

• The typebar rises with each keystroke, linked to a carriage that moves across as you type

• 2,079-piece model includes a platen roller and 43 language versions of a signature letter

• Great for spending time with family or friends; perfect gift idea for LEGO Masters fans, writers, and lovers of retro stuff

• Model comes with an illustrated booklet offering step-by-step instructions to guide you through challenging build

• Measures over 27 cm (10.5 in.) as part of a collection that fulfills a desire for enjoyable and relaxing hobbies for adults!

Product Description

Introducing the LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter – a masterpiece of nostalgia and creativity! This captivating LEGO set is designed exclusively for adults, inspired by the iconic typewriter that shaped the very foundation of the LEGO Group. 

Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey that will transport you back to the golden age of typewriters, where creativity flowed through each eloquent keystroke.

One of the remarkable features of this LEGO typewriter is its ability to mimic the intricacies of the authentic typewriter experience. 

Just like the real thing, the center typebar gracefully rises with every press of a letter key, flawlessly synchronized with the carriage that elegantly glides across as you type. 

And for an unparalleled touch of realism, you can even feed actual paper into the platen roller! It’s a delightful combination of modern engineering and timeless craftsmanship.

Crafted by a devoted LEGO fan and chosen by the LEGO community through fervent votes, this typewriter model showcases the ingenuity and passion that lie within every brick. 

Complete with a heartfelt letter penned by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, a member of the LEGO Group’s esteemed owner family, this typewriter is not just a remarkable set, but a tangible piece of history to be cherished.

Immerse yourself in the world of LEGO Masters with this outstanding addition to our collection of model kits for adults. The LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter transcends mere building blocks – it is an emblematic representation of creativity and innovation. 

Unleash your imagination as you meticulously construct this mesmerizing 2,079-piece marvel, cherishing every step of the challenging build with the help of clear instructions that effortlessly guide you toward a gratifying finish.

This exquisite model stands tall at over 4.5 inches high, making for a striking display that will surely win the hearts of LEGO enthusiasts, writers, and lovers of retro aesthetics. 

Spread the joy of creation, surprise someone special, or treat yourself to the ultimate gift of unparalleled craftsmanship. The LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter is more than just an ordinary LEGO set – it’s a testament to the power of imagination and the beauty of nostalgia.

And that’s not all! Delve deeper into the realm of global connections as you discover a special letter included in this set, elegantly written in 43 different languages by none other than Thomas Kirk Kristiansen himself. It’s a testament to the universal language of creativity and the love for LEGO.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of history with this authentic and exquisite LEGO typewriter. Let your fingers dance on the keys, your imagination soar, and your appreciation for the past flourish. Order now and add a touch of vintage elegance to your LEGO collection!

Pros & Cons

What do people like?
  • This typewriter is a great Lego set to purchase and it is very well-detailed with the classic typewriter slide and everything.

  • It is creative and challenging, it is fun to build and the final product is impressive.
  • The size of the set is larger than anticipated, making it worthwhile.
  • It is extremely fun to put together, play with, interact with, and have as a decoration in the house.
  • I heavily recommend this set for anyone as a gift or just to enjoy with yourself.
  • Functions like the real thing.

What do people dislike?
  • The spacebar, shift, and shift lock keys have no effect whatsoever.

  • The carriage return arm (the big grey bit in the topmost left of the build) is extremely easy to knock off which depending on the placement of the build can be pretty bad.
  • It’s really hard to build.
  • It is the same price as a real typewriter.

The Parts


Does the typewriter LEGO set work? 

While the Lego typewriter does simulate the movement of a real typewriter, it does not allow you to add ink and type on paper. It is primarily meant for display purposes, rather than for any extensive writing tasks.

Is the Lego typewriter retiring?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the retirement of the LEGO typewriter set. However, as with all LEGO sets, it may eventually retire in the future. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid-2024. So if you want to add this iconic set to your collection, it’s best not to wait too long.

How many bags come with a Lego typewriter?

 The Lego typewriter set includes a total of 19 parts bags. Among these bags, 18 are numbered, while one contains larger parts. Additionally, the set includes instructions, a booklet of paper, and a letter to attach to the typewriter, all available in multiple languages.


From the life-sized spines of Big Ben to a miniaturized model of the Statue of Liberty, LEGO houses numerous iconic designs. But the LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter is undoubtedly one of the most captivating pieces in their portfolio. 

This small marvel melds expert crafting with an interesting history and accessible price points that come together to create great value for customers. If you’re looking for an even more impressive gift or just want an amazing piece of art for your home, then this is the set for you. 

With its unique letter blocks and intricate mechanisms, it’s worth investing in – so don’t hesitate to check out reviews if you can! All in all, LEGO 21327 Ideas Typewriter makes a treasured memento that will last generations and offers endless hours of assembling fun. 

So go ahead: grab sets for yourself and your family today – it’ll bring joy far beyond its diminutive size!

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