9 Best LEGO Sets Under $100

Discover the best LEGO sets under $100. Budget-friendly, high-quality models to ignite your creativity. Find the perfect set for your next build.

Uniting Creativity, Fun, and Value: The Best LEGO Sets Under $100 That Bring More Than Blocks

As a LEGO enthusiast diving into the vibrant world of plastic bricks, what could be more thrilling than a journey to unearth the most invigorating LEGO sets that won’t break the bank? 

This quest is not just about pinpointing the most affordable options; it’s about the stories these sets tell, the creativity they usher in, and the undiluted joy they deliver. 

With Jasper’s prose paving the way, prepare to be entangled in a marvel-laden LEGO odyssey that’s priced just right. 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a young builder just embarking on your LEGO voyage, this blooming blog post promises a wealth of inspiration and a rendezvous with nine budget-friendly LEGO ensembles that exude excellence. 

So, fasten your seatbelts or, in this case, snap those LEGO studs into place as we embark on a writer’s block-busting expedition in the vibrant world of the best LEGO sets under $100.

Ultimate List: 9 Best LEGO Sets Under $100

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#1 LEGO Ideas Central Perk Building 21319

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Pieces: 1,070

Minifigures: 7 (Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay, and Gunther)

Recommended Age: 16+ 


• This fun set is compatible with other LEGO construction sets and bricks so you can create unique stories and mash-up models.

• This colorful set measures over 4” (11cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide, and 8” (22cm) deep – making it perfect as a display item in any room or office.

Celebrate 25 years of Friends with this incredible collectible building set, faithfully recreated by a LEGO fan to honor one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time. 

Construct your version of Central Perk, including instantly recognizable details like the stage for musical performances and the service counter. 

You can create hilarious scenes using these witty minifigures as they lounge on the couch or perform songs on guitar with Phoebe. 

With additional features like brick-built studio lights and an authentic Central Perk front windowpane, you’ll feel truly immersed in classic Friends episodes while putting together this unforgettable set. 

#2 LEGO Super Mario Adventures 71360

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Pieces: 579

Minifigures: 0

Recommended Age: 9+


• This 2-in-1 set also rebuilds into a Hot Rod replica model.

• Features a large rear wing, 4 tailpipes, black spoked rims with low-profile tires, working steering, and visible moving V8 pistons.

• Measures over 3” (8cm) high, 11” (29cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide when completed.

• Compatible with all other original LEGO sets and bricks for creative building.

With this iconic replica of the fastest and most powerful Corvette to date, builders will find a lifelike and advanced two-in-one LEGO Technic set to truly build, play with, and display.

Under the hood, your model will feature fully functional pistons and a V8 engine for realistic movement. In partnership with Corvette, you’ll become an engineering expert as you explore the engineering and innovation of one of the world’s famous supercars.

And your replica will feature a high-performance rear wing for an extra dose of speed. Best of all, your best LEGO sets under $100 can also be rebuilt to create an awesome Hot Rod.

#3 LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet 10280

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Pieces: 756

Minifigures: 0

Recommended Age: 18+ 


• Mixed Flower Bouquet building set contains 15 stems with realistic petal shapes and colors for home decoration.

• Features flower varieties such as roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies, and grasses.

• Adjustable stem lengths allow for customizable arrangements and unique gifts.

• Stems come in various lengths; snapdragon measuring over 14 in. (36 cm) high.

Get ready to discover a world of your favorite blooms with the variety of LEGO ‘roses’, ‘daisies’, and ‘asters’ included in this set.

Let your creativity run wild as you mix and match different shapes and colors to create your unique floral masterpiece. With 15 stems and a range of flower and leaf varieties, the possibilities are endless!

But that’s not all – this bouquet is not only beautiful, but it’s also eco-friendly! LEGO is proud to share that elements of this set are made from sustainable materials.

Yes, you heard that right. Plants from plants! LEGO uses plant-based plastic, produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane, to bring you a guilt-free building experience.

Bring a touch of fun and color to any room with this impressive flower display. The adjustable stems make it easy to tailor the arrangement for any vase or container, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

What makes this bouquet even more special is the customization options. Each detail of the bouquet is made from LEGO components, allowing you to create a truly unique display.

With positionable petals, you can have endless fun designing different arrangements and never get bored. Take the stems apart and recombine them to adjust the height and shape of your flowers. The possibilities are endless!

Designed as part of the LEGO Botanical Collection for adults, this set is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

#4 LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226

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Pieces: 273

Minifigures: 2

Recommended Age: 5+


  • It features a space shuttle toy with opening cockpit and cargo doors for storage inside
  • A rover toy includes an articulated grappling arm, laser, and tilting solar panels
  • A storage drone has an opening compartment
  • A helidrone has a spinning rotor blade and scanner
  • It includes Mars scenery build and a secret symbol
  • The LEGO Life app provides Instructions PLUS for building on smartphones and tablets
  • Instructions PLUS allows zooming, rotating, and visualizing the creation in ghost mode

Immerse your young explorers in an interstellar adventure with the vibrant LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226—a dream set for starry-eyed kids aiming high in their imaginative space quests. 

Blast off to the red planet with a pocketful of features: a NASA-inspired shuttle with foldable solar panels and a snazzy rocket drone that homes back to its cargo bay like a trusty sidekick. 

Prepare your intrepid explorer—complete with astronaut gear—to navigate the treacherous landscapes of Mars with the rover’s geode-grabbing arms and whirring drone scanners. It’s not just a toy; it’s a voyage of discovery waiting to be taken.

#5 LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125

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Pieces: 524

Minifigures: 6

Recommended Age: 7+


  • Captured the outrider with the set, which includes a modular lab that can be combined in different ways
  • The Hall of Armor included a rotating podium with robotic arms for Tony Stark to suit up as Iron Man
  • Featured a desk, kitchen, weapon storage, tool storage, and Iron Man suit storage modules
  • Included a radar dish and other features for creative play
  • Comes with a posable Igor suit Mech with mini figure cockpit

 A modular lab unlike any other, this set doesn’t just let young builders in on Tony’s tech but also encourages total creative freedom. 

Rearrange and stack the modules in any way you want, from wise-cracking robot sidekicks to villain-vanquishing screen rooms—your story, your style, your set-up!

And it’s not all just about standing tall; this set is made for blockbuster battles! Not only do you get Iron Man MK 1 through MK 50 figures—plus a couple of Outriders to pounce on—you also score an exclusive Igor Suit mech. 

Posable, perfect, and packing a real punch, it’s the kind of playmate that epitomizes heroic awesomeness. Take control from the Minifigure cockpit and let your imagination blast off with Iron Man accessories galore, from stud shooters to high-tech tool storage.

Each minifigure is a work of art in its own right, with intricate detail to make them as true to the big screen as you can get in a small package. 

#6 LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian Series The Child 75318

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Pieces: 1,073

Minifigures: 1

Recommended Age: 10+


  • This adorable and buildable toy features posable parts, such as the head, mouth, and ears for a range of expressions. 
  • It includes the iconic gearshift knob, Grogu’s favorite toy from the Razor Crest spaceship. 

This intricate, posable model captures all the adorable essence of the Child from Star Wars: The Mandalorian, perfect for children over 10 and grown-up enthusiasts alike. 

A testament to the galaxy’s far, far away charm, this LEGO offering grants you the joy of crafting every fan’s favorite scene-stealer, complete with all its toys— including that coveted gearshift knob. 

Standing resilient at over 7.5 inches, and complete with 1,073 pieces, it’s both a heartwarming art display and an adventurous build that resonates with the young, and young at heart. 

With clear and friendly building instructions, even those new to the art of LEGO can dive into the themed universe and emerge with a stunning decorative piece. 

#7 LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895 

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Pieces: 275

Minifigures: 1

Recommended Age: 7+


  • Faithfully replicated features from the genuine Ferrari F8 Tributo
  • Comes with a racing helmet for the Minifigure driver
  • Allows the Minifigure driver to be positioned in the driver’s seat for dynamic racing play

Designed for the ultimate Ferrari aficionado, this incredible building kit delivers a true-to-life experience of constructing your very own mini supercar. 

Satisfy your need for speed with a high-quality replica of the world’s fastest V8 engine set in a sleek, iconic red bodywork. 

Proudly display your handiwork or grab the included Ferrari racing minifigure, start your engines, and jump into the driver’s seat for the exhilarating nail-biting races. 

Perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, channel your inner car enthusiast and capture the adrenaline of the racetrack. With 25% more detail than previous models, LEGO’s speed champions range brings the power of the tracks straight to your hands. 

#8 LEGO Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

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Pieces: 1,087

Minifigures: 2

Recommended Age: 16+


  • Eagle Lunar Lander Replica: Meticulously crafted to mirror the historic lunar lander, complete with a realistic depiction of the moon’s surface, craters, astronaut footprints, and the iconic U.S. flag.
  • Modular Lunar Model: Features a detachable descent stage with shimmering gold-colored landing pads and panels, an operational camera, laser hatch openings, and an adjustable ladder for an authentic representation.
  • Ascent Stage Design: Boasts an ascent stage with a highly-detailed interior, providing space for two astronaut figures, and adorns an ‘Apollo 11 Lunar Lander’ commemorative nameplate.

Crafted in direct collaboration with NASA, this staggering 1087-piece model is more than just a piece of history—it’s an experience. 

For LEGO aficionados and astronomy lovers, this set presents an exclusive, highly detailed replica of the iconic Eagle lunar module. Measuring over 7” high and 8” wide, every inch echoes the majesty of man’s first step in space.

This meticulously designed set faithfully captures the technical brilliance and bravery of the 1969 lunar mission, offering a special corner in your home or office to elegantly showcase your passion. 

Descend into nostalgia with the model’s modular construction, detailed descent, and ascent stages, and the intricately depicted lunar surface complete with footprints, craters, and the U.S. flag. 

#9 LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty 21042

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Pieces: 1,685

Recommended Age: 16+ 


  • Faithfully recreating details like its pedestal, balconies, and columns.
  • The beautifully crafted Lady Liberty statue part accurately depicts elements such as her flowing robes, tablet, crown, and upraised torch arm.
  • The LEGO model has an authentic sand-green and beige color scheme and a commemorative nameplate upon completion.

Every meticulous detail, from the essence of freedom in her flowing robes to the iconic crown unleashing its seven bold rays, radiates with the pride of an enduring symbol.

Not just a static replica, the Liberty’s Legacy set invites you to relive the story of New York’s most renowned resident. 

The shield-lined pedestal commands attention like an ancient warrior’s court, while the balconies whisper the secrets of long-forgotten vistas. With every brick, you’re not just building – you’re time traveling to the very heart of Liberty’s legacy.

Immerse yourself in the building experience, where each brick is a brushstroke painting history across your tabletop. 

The choice of sand-green and beige, every hue pairing to recreate a vintage palette, evokes the classic charm of the iconic statue. With an eye-catching nameplate, this set exudes a sophistication that any shelf, desk, or mantel deserves.

The Liberty’s Legacy LEGO architecture is more than just a model – it’s an epic tale told in plastic blocks. Craft an evocative narrative of freedom that is not only an engaging construction project but also an exquisite showpiece designed to captivate and inspire. 


In a world where our passions often come with steep price tags, the LEGO sets under $100 shine as emblems of value and versatility. 

From cityscapes that sparkle with the energy of urban life to the far-flung worlds of beloved franchises, these sets not only promise hours of construction and play but also the priceless joy of creativity. 

As we come to the end of this discovery, my parting words are the beginning of your next adventure: Take the time to explore the sets that speak to your imagination, for within each box lies a universe waiting to be brought to life. 

Whether the call of the Bat-Signal draws you to Gotham or the charm of the classic Creator collection captures your heart, let the blocks be more than bricks — let them be the stages for your stories. Happy building!

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