What Are Barbie Sisters Names? 

Learn about all the members of Barbie’s family and find out what Barbie Sisters names are. Get to know Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, and more in this post!

Barbie Sisters Names

Are you a fan of Barbie? If so, you’re probably already familiar with some of the iconic doll’s many siblings. From Stacie to Skipper to Summer and Shannon, each of these adorable characters has become a favorite among fans everywhere. 

But do you know all their names off the top of your head? While some may come easily to mind, others are more obscure – we’ll fill in any knowledge gaps right here! 

In this post, we will explore the Barbie sisters names, as well as provide fun facts about them along the way. Be prepared for surprises and trivia tidbits that every true Barbies enthusiast should know!

Something about Barbie

Barbara Millicent “Barbie” Roberts (1959–present) is a beloved doll known for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and iconic fashion sense. Born in the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin, Barbie has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating origins, evolution, and enduring popularity of this cultural icon.

Drawing inspiration from the eponymous Random House books of the 1960s, Barbie’s full name is revealed to be Barbara Millicent Roberts. While her age has seen some variation over the years, she was originally introduced as a 19-year-old. However, as Barbie has taken on various adult careers, she’s often portrayed as an older character.

Despite her age, Barbie remains a timeless symbol of strength, confidence, and sibling love. Alongside her three younger sisters – Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea – she embodies the values of family and kinship. Throughout her journey, Barbie has consistently shown her unwavering support for her siblings and inspires others to do the same.

Introducing Barbie Sisters Names

 Now, let’s take a closer look at Barbie’s sisters and their unique names:

  • Skipper Roberts: Skipper is Barbie’s first sister, introduced in 1964. Her full name is Barbara Millicent “Skipper” Roberts, paying homage to her older sister. Known for her brown hair and freckles, she was originally marketed as Barbie’s teenage sister. However, over the years, Skipper has undergone various age transformations and is now typically portrayed as Barbie’s younger sister.
  • Stacie Roberts: Stacie is Barbie’s second youngest sister, introduced in 1992. Her full name is Barbara Millicent “Stacie” Roberts, following her older sisters’ naming pattern. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s often said to resemble Barbie the most. Stacie is known for her adventurous spirit and love of sports.
  • Chelsea/ Kelly Roberts: The youngest of Barbie’s siblings, Chelsea was introduced in 2011 as Kelly’s replacement. Her full name is Barbara Millicent “Chelsea” Roberts, keeping up with the family tradition. She has blonde hair like her older sisters but with a more modern, shorter style. Chelsea is known for her kindness and creative imagination.
  • Krissy Roberts: Another one of Barbie’s siblings, Krissy was introduced in 1998 as the youngest sister. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she resembles Stacie the most. Unfortunately, Krissy’s time in the spotlight was short-lived, and she’s no longer considered part of Barbie’s family.
  • Tutti: Introduced in 1966 as the first sibling, Tutti is often considered Barbie’s little sister. Her name is a play on the Italian word “tutti” which means “all.” She has blonde hair and blue eyes like her older sisters and was originally marketed as a twin to Todd – a male counterpart who did not become part of the Barbie family.

Skipper – The Sister Who Got an Upgrade

Skipper – The Sister Who Got an Upgrade

Created by Mattel in 1964, Skipper has undergone a stunning transformation. In 2009, she was given a bold new look with a vibrant purple streak in her hair and a passion for all things tech.

According to her fictional biography, Skipper is a self-proclaimed gadget girl, obsessed with computers and always eager to try out the latest technology. In the world of Barbie movies, she’s known for her captivating photo blog.

Originally introduced as a young girl, Skipper was designed as a solution to the demand for Barbie to have children. However, Mattel later transformed her into a teenager, leading to controversy with the creation of the “Growing Up Skipper” doll, which showcased the changes she experienced during her teenage years.

How Was Skipper Created?

When Barbie faced controversy as a supposed sex symbol, the team behind her creation knew they had to make a change. Enter Skipper and Midge, designed to counteract such criticism. With her softer facial features, Midge was a gentler alternative to Barbie’s glamorous appearance. And then there was Skipper, the solution to requests for Barbie to have children.

However, instead of portraying Barbie as a married, pregnant woman – which might limit her independence – Skipper became Barbie’s little sister. This clever twist allowed Barbie to maintain her adventurous lifestyle, while still embracing her familial side by babysitting Skipper.

Introduced in 1964, Skipper dolls have evolved significantly since then. Get ready to be amazed by the transformation of Barbie’s first family member.

How Skipper Evolved Over the Years?

From the controversial introduction of Growing Up Skipper in 1975 to the transformation of Teen Skipper in 1997, the evolution of this iconic doll has sparked conversation and controversy.

In 1975, Growing Up Skipper caused quite a stir with its unique gimmick. By rotating Skipper’s arm, the doll would grow an inch taller, and small breasts would appear on her rubber torso. This concept was later revisited in 2007 with Mattel’s My Scene brand and the “Growing Up Glam” line, once again igniting controversy.

Skipper’s appearance underwent another significant change in 1979 with the release of “Super Teen Skipper”. Sporting a new body mold featuring small, permanent breasts and a different head mold, Skipper took on a slightly older look. This transformation continued in 1985 with the introduction of Hot Stuff Skipper, featuring a new head mold with dimples and a longer face.

In 1988, Teen Fun Skipper made her debut, showcasing a taller and more graceful body mold, a more flexible waist, and slightly bigger breasts. With her enlarged eyes, she took on a cartoon-like appearance and appeared to be between the ages of 13 and 15. Although her head mold changed later on, her body mold remained the same in a Pizza Party line.

The final transformation came in 1997 with the introduction of Teen Skipper. With a new body mold that made her almost as tall as her sister Barbie, Teen Skipper boasted long and lanky legs. The most notable change, however, was her new face mold, which depicted a girl on the verge of womanhood. It became clear that Skipper was no longer a child but a young woman. This raised questions about Barbie’s portrayal as a teenager, as Skipper, who was introduced at the age of nine, was now “16 years old”. The controversy surrounding Skipper’s sexualization persisted, as her appearance included larger breasts.

This journey of transformation for Skipper reflects the ever-evolving nature of the doll industry and the societal conversations surrounding the portrayal of youth and femininity.

Stacie – The Sporty Sister

Stacie – The Sporty Sister

Stacie Roberts is an important member of the Barbie family, known for her adventurous spirit and athletic prowess. With dirty blonde/strawberry blonde hair and captivating green eyes, she stands out among her siblings. As a preteen, she is the embodiment of athleticism and is always up for an exciting adventure or unraveling a mysterious case.

Among the Roberts sisters, Stacie and Skipper share a special bond, often engaging in thrilling activities together such as lightsaber wars or sock skating. Their close relationship extends to their shared bedroom. However, Stacie occasionally finds herself at odds with Chelsea, particularly when her younger sister tries to imitate her. Nevertheless, deep down, Stacie has a soft spot for her little sister and loves her dearly.

When it comes to her favorite sports, soccer, and basketball take the top spots for Stacie. With her pale brown/dirty blonde or honey blonde hair often styled in a charming ponytail, she embodies a sense of sporty elegance. While she has been spotted with braces in the past, she does not wear them in the films or dolls.

Stacie Roberts, with her infectious energy and love for sports, continues to be an inspiring character who brings excitement and adventure into the Barbie universe. Stay tuned for more updates on Stacie and her thrilling escapades!

How has Stacie Evolved Over the Years?

Did you know that Stacie, the sister of Todd, was often mistaken for Tutti, Todd’s original twin sister? However, Tutti was discontinued by Mattel back in 1971. 

Fast forward to 1990, and a new girl named Kelly stepped in as the flower girl in the Wedding Day Midge gift set. 

But guess what? Kelly eventually became Todd’s twin sister when Mattel rebranded her as Stacie in 1992. Talk about a name swap!

 And if you thought that was confusing, wait until you hear this: Kelly went on to become the youngest sibling in Barbie’s family until her name was changed to Chelsea in 2011. Poor Todd didn’t fare as well, and he was sadly discontinued in 1996. 

Chelsea – The Youngest and Cutest of the Group

Chelsea, the vivacious younger sister of Barbie. Born as Kelly, she quickly became known as Shelly in Europe until her global rebranding in 2010.

Chelsea, at just 7 years old, is a doll with mesmerizing blue eyes and flowing blonde hair – just like her iconic sister, Barbie. With her classic pigtails and trendy graphic tees, she always makes a stylish statement in overalls or a skirt. 

Despite her youthful charm and innocence, Chelsea exudes a hint of maturity, making her a compelling character in the Barbie family.

Don’t let her age fool you – Chelsea is a bundle of energy and wit. While she may act younger than her years, she surprises everyone with her intelligence and level-headedness. Her playful and curious nature leads her on exciting adventures alongside her beloved sisters. 

With an enchanting sense of wonder, she believes in magical creatures like mermaids and fairies. However, Chelsea also has a mischievous side and isn’t afraid to play pranks and stir up some fun.

Beyond her endearing personality, Chelsea has a vibrant group of friends available as dolls. Since the introduction of Chelsea dolls in 2011, her friends have become just as popular. 

Limited edition holiday dolls were exclusively sold at Target until 2015, capturing the hearts of collectors. 

In 2014, the Chelsea and Friends line was introduced, featuring 6 dolls, including the iconic Chelsea herself. The line even welcomed Darrin, the first-ever male Chelsea doll. 

From 2015 onwards, Chelsea dolls come with painted tops and removable skirts/shorts, allowing for endless mix-and-match play. Even clothing sets have been released, giving Chelsea enthusiasts more fashion options. 

In 2017, the Club Chelsea line made a grand entrance with 7 dolls boasting larger-than-life eyes, adding a touch of whimsy to the collection. 

And for those looking to accessorize, fashion accessory packs were launched in December 2018, offering themed sets for showcasing Chelsea’s versatile style.

Tutti & Todd – Twins Join the Family

Tutti, the beloved character from 1965 to 1971! As Barbie and Skipper’s younger sister, Tutti captured the hearts of children everywhere. And let’s not forget about her twin brother, Todd! 

With their flexible bodies and internal wires, these siblings were a dynamic duo. Sold together in one set, they became instant favorites when they debuted in 1966. 

While available in the US until 1971, their popularity continued in Europe until 1980. Although Tutti wasn’t reintroduced, Todd made a comeback in 1991. Join the wedding party of Barbie’s best friend, Midge Hadley, and get to know the new sisters, Kelly and Stacie.

How to Incorporate Barbie’s Sisters Into Your Collection?

There are countless ways to incorporate Barbie’s sisters into your collection. Whether you are a collector or simply looking for fun playtime, here are some ideas to add these iconic dolls into your Barbie world:

1) Host a family reunion with all of Barbie’s sisters including Tutti and Todd.

2) Create a themed display featuring each sister’s unique personality and hobbies.

3) Have a fashion competition between Chelsea and Stacie to see who can create the most stylish outfit.

4) Plan a movie night with all the Barbie movies featuring her sisters, from “Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale” to “Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure.”

5) Collect each version of Stacie, from her original debut as Kelly to her current role as the sporty and adventurous Stacie Roberts. 

6) Mix and match outfits from different dolls to create unique looks for each sister.

7) Have a playdate with Chelsea’s friends, such as Darrin or Raquelle, and see what fun adventures they can all go on together.

With their diverse personalities and fashion-forward style, Barbie’s sisters add a whole new level of fun to the Barbie universe. So whether you’re adding them to your collection or playing with them, Stacie, Chelsea, and even Tutti and Todd are sure to bring endless joy and excitement into your world. So go ahead – join in on the fun and make these beloved characters a part of your Barbie family today! 

Unique Merchandise Associated with Each Sister

From clothing and accessories to collectible dolls, each of Barbie’s sisters has a line of unique merchandise associated with them. Let’s take a look at what makes each sister stand out in the world of Barbie: 

Skipper – As Barbie’s first and oldest sister, Skipper has a wide range of merchandise associated with her. From clothing sets featuring her iconic style to collectible dolls depicting her various looks throughout the years, there is something for every fan of Skipper.

Stacie – With her love for sports and adventure, Stacie is often featured in athletic-themed merchandise such as tennis racquets, bicycles, and roller skates. She also has a line of fashion dolls that reflect her adventurous spirit, often sporting trendy athletic wear.

Chelsea – Being the youngest and most playful of the sisters, Chelsea’s merchandise is all about fun and imagination. From fairy wings and mermaid tails to unicorn-themed accessories, there’s no limit to the magical adventures kids can have with Chelsea.

Tutti and Todd – As twins, Tutti and Todd’s merchandise often comes as a set, featuring matching outfits and playsets. They also have a line of dress-up dolls that allow kids to mix and match their clothes, adding a fun and creative element to their playtime.

So whether you’re looking for sporty accessories or imaginative playsets, each of Barbie’s sisters has something unique to offer in the world of merchandise. So why not add these items to your collection and bring even more fun and excitement into your Barbie world? The possibilities are endless! 

A Brief History of When Each Sister Was Introduced

Barbie’s sisters have been around for decades, each one adding their unique flair to the Barbie universe. Here is a brief timeline of when each sister was first introduced:

1) Skipper – 1964: As Barbie’s first and oldest sister, Skipper was introduced in 1964 as a young pre-teen doll.

2) Tutti and Todd – 1966: The twins, Tutti and Todd, were introduced in 1966 as Barbie’s younger siblings.

3) Stacie – 1991: Making her debut as Kelly, Barbie’s youngest sister was renamed to Stacie in 1992 with a new look and personality.

4) Chelsea – 2011: Originally known as Kelly, Barbie’s youngest sister was renamed Chelsea in 2011 with a new look and personality.

From the iconic Skipper to the whimsical Chelsea, Barbie’s sisters have been an integral part of the Barbie franchise for over 50 years. With their diverse personalities, fashion-forward style, and endless possibilities for playtime and collecting, it’s no wonder why these beloved characters continue to capture the hearts of fans of all ages. So why not join in on the fun and make these iconic dolls a part of your Barbie world today? The possibilities for creativity and imagination are endless! 


What happened to Barbie’s sister Kelly?

Introduced in 1995 and retired in 2010, Kelly made way for the captivating arrival of Chelsea in 2011. Delve into the official Mattel introduction and unravel the truth – Kelly and Chelsea are the same, simply donning a fresh new name. Take note of a notable transformation: in the late 2008 timeframe, Kelly’s body style evolved, bidding farewell to her petite and youthful appearance for a more mature and elegant look.

Why is Skipper the only one with brown hair?

Skipper, renowned for her striking brown locks, has always been a natural brunette. Despite Skipper’s natural blond hair, she chooses to dye it brown. She once experimented with different hair colors, such as blonde, Skipper made a lasting transformation in 2010, opting to embrace her signature brown hair, which she continues to rock to this day.

Is Skipper from Barbie LGBTQ+?

Barbie had believed that Skipper was gay, but her hopes were dashed when she learned that Skipper was straight. 


To conclude, Barbie’s sisters have provided millions of girls with strong female role models for many years. There are stacked blonde Skipper, magical dark-haired Stacie, and Russian-born Stacie. 

Not to mention Tutti, who was adopted by the family early on in her life, but is no less loved than the other three. Together they continue to remind children that family is not always limited to one’s birth relatives, but instead extends to whoever loves and supports them. 

So come join us as we share the joy of celebrating Barbie’s Sisters – their names and all the futures that they lead! 

So don’t forget to take a few moments out of your day to reminisce about the lives these little ladies made possible and let their stories remind you just how powerful a sisterhood can truly be. 

And if you know someone who’d benefit from having these beloved dolls as part of their childhood memories, why not get them one today? After all, Barbie’s Sisters – their names and all – will remain timeless forever!

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