A Full List of Monster High Dolls Names 

Dive into the world of collectible dolls with this comprehensive list of Monster High Dolls names and learn about each one’s character!

A Complete Guide to Monster High Dolls Names 

Are you a mega fan of Monster High? Have you ever wished for the chance to name every one of your dolls? Are you in search of an ultimate list with all the Monster High Dolls names, so that you can easily organize them and choose which ones are the best fit for your collection? 

If that’s what brought you here – then welcome! In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive overview of all the different names from Monster High. 

From well-loved characters like Cleo de Nile to uniquely designed creations like Gilda Goldstag, each doll has its unique details and symbols that make it stand out among its peers. 

We will also discuss some fun facts about each character as well as showcase our favorite picks! So sit back, relax, and let us take care of finding all those magical monsters for you.

What Are Monster High Dolls? 

What Are Monster High Dolls? 

Monster High is a popular franchise created by Mattel in 2010, featuring fashion dolls inspired by horror and monster movies. The dolls are based on the characters attending a high school for monsters called Monster High. Each doll has a unique appearance, reflecting its supernatural heritage or creature-inspired features.

These captivating characters have taken the world by storm, captivating fans with their games, TV shows, and an incredible array of themed merchandise.

Unleash your imagination as these dolls embody the offspring of famous monsters. From the enchanting Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula himself, to a vast cast of monstrosities, Monster High has expanded with a kaleidoscope of captivating characters.

Prepare to be enthralled as we delve into the captivating world of Monster High, where every doll is a testament to the power of imagination and the allure of the monstrous.

The Main Monster High Dolls Names

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein is the captivating main character and daughter of Frankenstein’s monster. From the very beginning, her electrifying presence stole the spotlight. With bolts on her neck and stitched patches, she is a striking figure with black and white hair. Watch out for her electric charges!

Among the dolls, Frankie Stein stands out as one of the most popular. Mattel has released multiple versions of her, but the Ghouls Rule version truly shines. 

Dressed in a stunning party dress with an impressive hairstyle, she captivates collectors. The Basic Frankie doll is also highly sought after. In 2013, a stylish Frankie party doll was unleashed as part of the Thirteen Wishes range.

Despite her popularity, Frankie Stein remains unattached. Although she once created a boyfriend for herself, a sewn-together creation named Hoodude Voodoo, Frankie realized she didn’t need a relationship to fit in. This decision left poor Hoodude with a heartbroken crush.

Cleo De Nile

Cleo De Nile is the stylish daughter of a Mummy who has been around for almost six thousand years! With her forceful personality and confident demeanor, she likes to believe she’s the most popular girl in school. 

Cleo is currently dating Deuce Gordon and often relies on her friend Ghoulia Yelps as a personal assistant, sometimes taking advantage of her. 

While Cleo used to have a difficult time getting along with others, she has mellowed out throughout the show. Her appearance is inspired by an Egyptian queen, complete with hanging bandages to represent her Mummy heritage.

Cleo’s pet snake, Hissette, can be touchy and short-tempered. She also has an older sister named Nefera who makes frequent appearances on the show. 

Cleo has had many doll versions, including the popular Ghouls Rule line where she dazzles in a beautiful ball dress. 

For fans looking to get both Cleo and Deuce Gordon, they can find them as a twin pack. The latest doll version can be found in the Thirteen Wishes play set. 


Draculaura the daughter of Dracula himself.

Despite her vampire lineage, she’s a vegetarian and can’t stand the sight of blood. At Monster High, she’s known for her sweet personality and entertaining nature. Alongside her is her loyal pet bat, Count Fabulous, who she considers her BFF.

Draculaura is also a fashion-forward ghoul, often seen rocking bright pink outfits. Mattel has released various versions of her doll, allowing girls to dress her up in different outfits. 

From the original collectible doll to the coffin-like bed in the dead tired edition, there’s a Draculaura doll for every occasion. 

Other notable releases include the Gloom Beach doll, the beautiful dance dress outfit of Dawn of the Dance, and the stunning ball gown in the Ghouls Rule version. 

Additionally, Draculaura has a range of accessories, including handbags and a specially-designed Roadster just for her.

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf, the stylish Queen of Monster High! With her flowing dark hair, eye-catching purple outfits, and towering platform shoes, she is the ultimate trendsetter. Students at Monster High admire and strive to imitate her iconic look.

Clawdeen’s family includes her older brother, Clawd, and her younger sister, Howleen, although they don’t always see eye to eye. Her adorable and cuddly pet, Cresent the kitten, is her loyal sidekick.

When it comes to Clawdeen Wolf dolls, the options are endless. The first release in October 2010 featured a classic version complete with a diary, stand, and hair brush. The Dawn of the Dance edition shocked fans with Clawdeen sporting bright green hair. Gloom Beach and Dead Tired editions showcased a fantastic bed for her to sleep in.

Throughout the years, Clawdeen has appeared in various lines including Schools Out and Sweet 1600. In 2012, fans were treated to a Campus Stroll doll, one from Ghouls Rule, and the amazing Scarily Ever After edition where she transformed into Little Red Riding Hood. Get ready for even more exciting versions of Clawdeen Wolf shortly!

Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue is a friendly ghoul with an Australian accent. As the daughter of the creature from the Black Lagoon, Lagoona has a unique look that reflects her life in the sea. She always lends a helping hand to those in need and carries her pet piranha in a stylish fish bowl. Dating Gillington Webber, Lagoona is a well-loved character that Mattel introduced in 2010.

Since her debut, Lagoona has appeared in various doll versions, each with its special features. From the basic doll with a diary to the elegant ball gown of the Dawn of the Dance, there is a Lagoona Blue doll for every collection. 

The Dead Tired version even comes with an underwater sleeping tank. Other doll lines include Classroom, Schools Out, Skull Shores, Dot Dead Gorgeous, and Roller Maze.

For fans of ballet, the Lagoona Blue Dance Class doll showcases her graceful moves in a lovely outfit and ballet shoes. In 2013, Thirteen Wishes introduced new characters and a brand new Lagoona doll. With her popularity, it’s safe to say that Mattel will continue releasing more dolls featuring this beloved character.

Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia Yelps is the brainiest student at Monster High. As the daughter of a zombie couple, Ghoulia can only communicate through mumbles and moans. Despite her intelligence, she’s sometimes treated more like a servant by her friend Cleo De Nile. 

Ghoulia has a pet owl named Sir Hoots a Lot who is just as clever as she is. With her blue hair and cool glasses, Ghoulia has a distinctive appearance that’s hard to miss. It’s no wonder that she’s captured the hearts of many little girls, leading to the creation of several Ghoulia dolls.

Over the years, numerous Ghoulia dolls have hit the shelves. The first one debuted in October 2010 as part of the initial toy line. Then came the stunning Dawn Of The Dance doll, featuring Ghoulia in a red dress with gorgeous hair. 

The Dead Tired doll, released in the summer of 2011, also gained popularity. A Classroom version followed later that year. In October 2011, Ghoulia was also featured in the Skull Shores line. In June 2012, an eye-catching Roller Maze doll became a hit during the summer months. 

And let’s not forget the City of Frights release, which stands as one of the largest doll lines from Monster High in quite some time.

Abbey Bominabla

Abbey Bominabla is the powerful Yeti-inspired character who commands respect from her fellow ghouls. Although sometimes short-tempered, Abbey’s imposing snow boots and icy aura make her unforgettable. She is accompanied by her adorable pet baby mammoth, Shiver. While Abbey joined the Monster High doll collection a bit later than others, she has become one of the most popular characters.

There are several Abbey Bominable dolls to choose from, each showcasing her unique style. From the first release in July 2011 to the Schools Out series, Skull Shores line, Dead Tired, Picture Day, and Ghouls Rule, Abbey’s fashion sense is always impressive. 

The ghouls, like Abbey, are the main focus of the Monster High doll collection.

Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra Vondergeist is the ghostly gossip girl. With her mysterious heritage and ability to float through walls, she’s always on the hunt for the juiciest tales. You can often spot her with her trusty diary and pet ferret, Rhuen. But don’t let her spectral appearance fool you, Spectra is a name inspired by a ghostly specter.

Over the years, a few Spectra dolls have been released. From the original debut in 2011 to the elegant Dot Dead Gorgeous doll, there have been some fabulous renditions of this character. The basic doll even comes with her adorable pet Ferret. And let’s not forget about the recently introduced Ghoul’s Alive version. While she may not be the most popular, there are still some fantastic dolls featuring Spectra.

Venus McFlytrap

Venus McFlytrap is a vibrant and edgy style icon. Her beautifully blended pink and green curls are complemented by a daring haircut on one side, colored in a fierce shade of pink. 

She makes a statement in a form-fitting, sleeveless pink dress adorned with a captivating print of black thorny vines, delicate light pink ivy, and fresh light green leaves. Adding an intriguing touch, she pairs it with a sleeveless black top that features four eye-catching cutouts in the front.

Her accessories are a work of art – green vines gracefully wrapped around her forearms and calves, enhancing her unique look. Her feet are adorned with pink pumps, complete with ivy laces, heels wrapped with ivy, and platforms that resemble teeth. 

And the crowning jewel of her ensemble? A translucent green mug with a stylish gray lid, holding a precious green seedling – a symbol of her love for nature.

Venus McFlytrap is not just a fashion icon, but a representation of boldness and individuality.

Another Monster High Dolls Names

Another Monster High Dolls Names

Deuce Gorgon: Beware his gaze! Dating Cleo and the son of Medusa, Deuce turns anyone to stone with just one look.

Gillington Gil Webber: He walks among us with a tank on his head! Dating Lagoona Blue and the son of a river monster, Gil is a true aquatic wonder.

Jackson Jekyll: A monster with a split personality! Unaware of his true identity as the son of Mr. Jekyll, Jackson is a recent addition to Monster High.

Holt Hyde: Donning blue and spinning tunes, Holt is the DJ alter ego of Jackson Jekyll. Son of the infamous Hyde, he brings the party wherever he goes.

Moe Deadovitch ‘Slow-Moe’: Ghoulie’s zombie crush! Moe is one of the undead and has captured Ghoulia’s heart.

Operetta: Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera and a lover of music, Operetta’s voice enchants all. With her father as the school’s music teacher, her talent runs deep.

Toralie Stripe: Unleash the power of the werecat! Toralie, the daughter of this fearsome creature, joins the ranks. Don’t miss her as Cat Woman in the Power Ghouls line.

Clawd Wolf: Beast on the field and brother of Clawdeen, Clawd dominates on the football and “basketball” teams.

Purrsephone and Meowlody: Twin Werecats who were once part of the faith-leading squad. Collectible together, these feline monsters are a must-have for any fan.

Howleen Wolf: Clawdeen’s feisty sister who rarely sees eye to eye with her. Keep an eye out for Howleen’s dolls, including the newest addition from the Thirteen Wishes collection.

Robecca Steam: Born from a mad scientist’s imagination, Robecca is a robot with no parents. Her doll is a highly sought-after collectible.

Hoodude Voodoo: Created by Frankie, this rag doll is her very own boyfriend. A limited release, finding Hoodude can be a challenge.

Rochelle Goyle: From the Gothic streets of Scaris France, Rochelle is the daughter of a gargoyle. Keep an eye out for her doll, complete with a mini suitcase.

Scarah Screams: Voted as a fan favorite at Comic-Con, Scarah’s doll is a must-have. Written into the Monster High story, she is a new and intriguing character.

Wydowna Spider: Daughter of a spider with many legs to prove it! Previewed at Comic-Con, Wydowna’s doll release has fans buzzing with excitement. Prepare to be captivated by her stunning appearance.

Honey Swamp: The stylish daughter of a swamp monster with a funky green afro. Her stunning looks are sure to make her a popular new character. Don’t miss her debut in the Frights, Camera, Action special!

Clawdia Wolf: The older sister of Clawdeen, she’s making her grand entrance in the new year with Frights, Camera, and Action. With her blonde wavy hair and taller stature, she’s sure to turn heads.

Jane Boolittle: This animal witch doctor may have a brace on her leg, but that doesn’t stop her from bringing the magic. Plus, she has a pet sloth to accompany her on her adventures.

Viperine Gorgon: As the daughter of Medusa, she has the striking looks of a serpent. While she may not have actual snakes like Deuce, her bright pink hair is sure to impress. Look out for her in the upcoming TV special!

Elissabat: With her cute fangs and vampire bat heritage, she’s the perfect addition to the Frights, Camera, Action lineup. Get ready for this fang-tastic character!

Bonita Femur: Don’t miss the arrival of this unique character in the Freaky Fusion special. With impressive pink and black wings, this moth-skeleton hybrid stands out from the crowd. Check out her stunning doll to complete the look.

Neighthan Rot: Straight from the Freaky Fusion line, this Centaur-human blend is sure to catch your eye. With a horn on his forehead and a yellow cap to accommodate it, he brings a burst of color to the lineup. Get ready to add some flair to your collection!

Twyla: is a stylishly dressed doll with teal-streaked bluish-purple hair, blue Mary Janes, and a mug of hot cocoa decorated with spiderwebs.

Jinafire Long: is wearing a colorful and creative dress with red & black shredded frills on the shoulders, black & gray diamond print with fiery red and green diamonds, striped red, black, gray, and green sections, and white swirly designs with spiderweb accents.

Catty Noir: is a fashionable doll with pink hair, purple and silver eyeshadow, black and blue mascara, purple lipstick, and accessories including a headband with crystal cat ears, elbow-length fingerless gloves, and studded ankle-straps.

Catrine DeMew: is wearing an inventive and artistic outfit with a black, blue, pink, purple, and white top, a pink scarf with black swirls and scrolls, and a circle skirt with two-thirds black and the bottom third using the same pattern as her top.

Gigi Grant: is an adorable doll with pink and orange hair, a scorpion tattoo, and a sparkly black bodice over a half pink-and-blue skirt, accessorized with a gold scorpion bracelet and gravity-heeled gold shoes.

Heath Burns: is styled with red-orange hair, a flaming black shirt, blue shorts, and orange high-top sneakers.

Nefera de Nile: is wearing a form-fitting dress with metallic gold accents and accessorized with a black headband, gold earrings, teal gloves, and crystal shard wedges.

Skelita Calaveras: is a stylish and accessorized doll with a pink tombstone-shaped suitcase, wedge sandals, an orange necklace, and a brown belt.

Slo Mo: is a Monster High fan, dressed in a purple t-shirt, blue shorts, and black sneakers with a black and pink pennant featuring the Monster High crest.

Gooliope: is a 17-inch doll with wavy yellow hair and pink skin, wearing a circus-themed dress and accessories, including a calliope headband, wagon wheel earrings, spiderweb epaulets, and pink peep-toe pumps.

Amanita Nightshade: is a sight to behold with her dark purple curly hair, luminous green skin, and unique ensemble featuring a semi-sheer lavender dress, black leatherette miniskirt, and black accessories.

Invisi Billy: is an intimidating-looking doll dressed in a black & blue wardrobe, accessorized with silver jewelry and a white pyramid studded belt, plus a brush, stand, diary, and binder.

Astranova: has a light blue crystal headpiece with an ornate metallic crystal microphone and earpiece, and wears a halterneck dress, dark magenta chest piece, metallic wrist cuffs, and magenta crystal shoes with a matching guitar.

C.A. Cupid: is dressed in an ensemble of black, white, and pink with accessories featuring a heart-shaped purse, shawl, ring, earrings, and shoes adorned with bows and arrows.

Avea Trotter: is an equestrian character whose feathered wings, colorful clothing, and elaborate accessories make her a unique and eye-catching figure.

Batsy Claro: is a whimsical character with pale pink skin, lime green hair, removable bat wings, an off-the-shoulder jumper, shorts with an abstract pattern, accessories including a headband and earrings, and knee-high peep-toe wedges with palm frond heels.

Casta Fierce: is dressed in a glittery orange and purple dress, with various accessories including a black leatherette jacket, studded earrings, black mesh arm warmer, silver bracelet, two studded bangles, black harness with neck collar and arm cuffs, and purple high heel boots.

Elle Eedee: has a futuristic look, with gray skin, blue and purple hair, and an outfit featuring a blue dress with black strip embellishments, a sheer purple cape, statement belt, headband with antennae, dangly crystals earrings, and translucent blue pumps adorned with studs and shard heels.

Finnegan Wake: is a light blue-skinned doll with a checkered flag and flames tattooed on his arms, wearing a yellow racer tank, black fingerless gloves, gray arm wrap, and riding a flame-spoked wheelchair with a brown backpack and diary.

Garrott du Roque: is a unique-looking individual with blue hair, mottled gray skin, teal around his eyes, bluish lips, and a gold earring in his left ear, wearing a black leatherette jacket and mint green shirt, dark red scarf with a black rose and spiderweb print, dark blue pants and brown boots with black laces and skull accents while holding a black rose as a gift for Rochelle.

Hexiciah Steam: is a steampunk character with black hair and angular features who wears a white collared shirt, purple ascot tie, blue pinstripe vest, brown tool belt, red breeches, white and gray stockings, and black shoes with copper gear straps.

Iris Clops: is dressed in two colorful outfits featuring eye and Skullette prints, each paired with a coordinating belt and shoes.

Isi Dawndancer: is an imaginative character with brown skin, blue hair, and a tribal-inspired outfit featuring a pink dreamcatcher headband, accessories, and peep-toe moccasins.

Kala Mer’ri: is a four-armed purple alien with dark blue hair, orange highlights, and various accessories such as hoop earrings and coral arm cuffs.

Kieran Valentine: is an attractive man dressed in stylish black, red, gold, and burgundy clothing, accessorized with glasses, earrings, and boots.

Kiyomi Haunterly: is dressed in a purple dress with pink, lavender, and light blue accents, accessories of light blue hair clip, pink chain bracelet and a lavender collar, and a pink grommet belt with long hanging chains with sheer pink socks and dark gray translucent platforms.

Kjersti Trollson: is an adorable troll with a unique outfit of pixelated skullet-te Viking top, layered armor skirt, and colorful blue and magenta hair.

Lorna McNessie: has beautiful curly orange hair, aqua blue scaled skin, fins, and an outfit featuring a red top with puffy sleeves, light blue kilt, a plaid tam o’ shanter cap, black sea monster earring, black knotted belt, platform shoes and a coral pink sporran bag.

Manny Taur: is wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans, brown boots with red laces, a gold nose ring, a black casketball with “Monster High” in purple, a gray single-strap backpack with a purple labyrinth and a red binder, while his varsity jacket was sold separately and features black with white and pink stripes.

Marisol Coxi: is a ghoul with bright pink hair who wears an outfit consisting of a pink strapless top, orange jacket, black and green double skirt, headband with bowler hat, pink peep-toe wedges, and a bright green bag.

Mouscedes King: is a stylish mouse character with long pink hair, gray skin, and light blue eyeshadow, wearing a halterneck dress with gold polka dots and turquoise accessories.

More dolls: Djinni “Whisp” Grant, Porter Geiss, Posea Reef, River Styxx, Sirena Von Boo, Vandala Doubloons, Luna Mothews, Peri & Pearl Serpentine, Ari Hauntington, Alivia Stein, Barker Wolf, Dayna Treasura Jones, Dracula, Ebbie Blue, Fangelica, Kelpie Blue, Lux de Nile, Moanica D’Kay, Packlyn Wolf, Pawla Wolf, Pharrah de Nile, Sandy de Nile, Silvi Timberwood, Treesa Thornwillow, Weredith Wolf and Zomby Gaga.

Teachers and Staff of Monster High

Step inside the halls of Monster High and you’ll find an extraordinary cast of teachers ready to educate the next generation of ghouls and monsters. Let’s take a closer look at some of these intriguing educators.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood – Leading the charge is Headmistress Bloodgood, whose character draws inspiration from the headless horseman. With her trusty steed Nightmare, she keeps a watchful eye on the school. Beware, she’s known to remove her head when displeased. You can even find a doll modeled after her, released in 2011.

Coach Igor – Don’t let Coach Igor’s appearance fool you – this gym teacher may have a wooden leg and hunchback, but he pushes his monstrous students to their limits.

Mr. Where – Meet the invisible teacher who goes the extra mile to make sure his students can see him. Covered in bandages, Mr. Where earns the respect and camaraderie of his students.

Mr Hackington – A science teacher with a passion for experimentation, Mr Hackington isn’t afraid to dissect anything in the name of knowledge.

Mr Mummy – True to his name, Mr Mummy is the math teacher at Monster High, bringing ancient wisdom to the forefront of education.

Mr. Lou Zarr – A replacement teacher who isn’t quite like the others, Mr. Lou Zarr is the only human at Monster High. Fitting in can be a challenge for him, but he always finds a way.

Ms. Kindergrubber – Warm and caring, Ms. Kindergrubber is the kind-hearted teacher leading the cooking class.

These are just a few of the incredible teachers at Monster High. Other unique characters make appearances throughout the episodes, from Scarah Screams to Gory Fangtell, each adding their flair to the monster world. Embark on a thrilling journey with this diverse cast of characters, where every day is a lesson in embracing individuality.


In conclusion, the Monster High doll universe is filled with fantastic creatures, each of them possessing their look and style. With such an imaginative lineup of dolls from which to choose, it should come as no surprise that these dolls are so popular among young girls today. 

Whether you are a long-time fan of the Monster High series or just an admirer of all things unique and different, there is sure to be a Monster High Doll that perfectly reflects your personality. 

So why not indulge yourself today by exploring all the amazing possibilities the Monster High Dolls provide? You will surely not regret it!

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