Who Invented the Construx Toy? | An Overview

Get the facts about who invented the Construx toy, what inspired them, and why it became a popular plaything for children all over the world.

Who Invented the Construx Toy?

From the piles of colorful blocks that you can find strewn across their bedroom floor to those towering statues built with intricate instructions — Construx toys have been a children’s favorite for decades. 

But who is responsible for creating this iconic toy? 

Construx is an innovative plastic building toy created by Fisher-Price in 1983. Unlike traditional building toys like Lego, Construx utilizes beam-like pieces of different lengths that effortlessly snap onto cubical connector knots, allowing you to construct impressive and secure large structures. No nuts or bolts are required for this construction masterpiece.

Unravel the mysteries behind its creation in our blog post where we will dive into the story behind one of the world’s most popular toys. 

Get ready for an adventure back in time as we explore who invented the Construx toy and discover how it all began!

Introducing Construx: who invented the Construx toy?

Experience the uniqueness of Construx, the plastic building toys that revolutionized the industry. Unlike traditional options like Lego, Construx features snap-on beam-like pieces of varying lengths that connect effortlessly to cubical connector knots, allowing you to build impressive structures without the need for nuts or bolts.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. With panels, hinges, motors, wheels, and other movable parts, Construx unlocks endless possibilities for creating intricate shapes and even enables your creations to move.

Originally launched in 1983, Construx took the world by storm, only to be discontinued in 1988. However, in 1997, Mattel briefly revived the brand, introducing new boxes with exciting additions. And now, in 2017, we’re thrilled to announce the resurrection of Construx as Mega Construx, under the trusted name of Mattel.

But that’s not all. We understand that young builders deserve their version of Construx. That’s why we created Basix Construx, a kid-friendly edition with vibrant primary colors and simpler pieces, perfect for the little ones. Plus, all the 1997 revival sets come packed with several new pieces to keep your imagination flowing.

Unleash your creativity with Construx. Join the legacy that has captivated generations of builders.

Construx: A Revival Story

Construx, the beloved toy brand, faced a new chapter in its journey. After being acquired by toy manufacturing giant Mattel in 1993, Construx made a comeback in 1996 with an exciting “trial line” of eight new toys. These sets, complete with countless pieces, allowed kids to construct anything from dinosaurs and robots to submarines and electric guitars.

Fast forward to 2014, when Mattel made waves by acquiring the MEGA brand for an impressive $460 million. Known for their block sets for young kids, MEGA transformed Mattel’s ownership. With revamped packaging and marketing, the brand was positioned to directly compete with other construction sets. Combining MEGA with Construx drove brand recognition and tapped into nostalgia, solidifying Mattel’s position as the world’s leading toymaker.

The success story continued as Mattel became the largest toy manufacturer in the world by 2017, earning a whopping $6 billion annually. Surpassing even LEGO, which made $5.4 billion, Mattel regained its position as the reigning toymaker. In February 2017, they reintroduced Construx under a new name: MEGA Construx, showcasing their commitment to innovation and growth.

Where Are Construx Now?

Discover the exciting world of MEGA Construx! Formerly known as Construx, this beloved toy line has evolved and now offers an incredible range of building sets for kids of all ages. From preschoolers to elementary-age kids, there’s something for everyone.

Featuring popular intellectual properties like American Girl, Barbie, Halo, Destiny, and Despicable Me, MEGA Construx takes playtime to a whole new level. Imagine building your own Pikachu, Hot Wheels Roger Dodger, or Barbie Bakery – the possibilities are endless!

You can find these amazing MEGA Construx sets at major toy chains such as Walmart, Amazon, KMart, and Target. The new look and updated designs are sure to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

For those longing for the nostalgic charm of the original Construx toys from the 1980s, fear not. While they may no longer be available in stores, you can still find them on reselling websites like eBay or Etsy. Relive the joy of your childhood with these classic gems.


With the invention of the iconic Construx Toy, humanity has taken a step forward in bringing out its creative and innovative side. Kids today are still playing with this marvelous contraption and it looks like its popularity will stay alive for many generations to come. 

That is why it is essential to remember the immense effort invested by Gene Lloyd to create this hot-selling toy that has become a household name. Whether playing solo or engaging in competitions with peers, the Construx Toy teaches children the importance of participating in activities that stimulate imagination and inspire interaction among others. 

Therefore, let’s appreciate and honor the legacy of Gene Lloyd by introducing our family members and friends to this incredible toy he invented! Take your creativity to new heights with the help of Constructux – where you can explore your boundless imagination!

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