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Don’t know how to store kids’ art the right way? Here are clever and fun ideas anyone can do – learn how now!

How to Store Kids’ Art the Right Way?

How to Store Kids' Art

Having a house full of creativity can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to kids’ artwork. With an endless supply of crayon drawings and finger-painted masterpieces coming home from school or off the walls, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never find enough storage for these treasured keepsakes. 

But don’t worry – we’ve got some great tips on how to store kids’ art in creative and efficient ways! Keep reading to find out our top strategies for preserving your little ones’ creations so that they’ll last a lifetime!

7 Ways – How to Store Kids’ Art

#1 Art Portfolios

Explore our selection of art portfolios with a unique twist – a see-through design. Easily find what you’re looking for at a glance. Alongside this, we also offer slim and minimalist wallet portfolios for those who prefer a sleek storage solution.

#2 Plastic Bins with Lids

Streamline your storage solutions with our convenient plastic bins with lids. Designed to effortlessly fit under your bed or in a closet, these space-saving containers are perfect for organizing your home. 

Whether you need one box per child, labeled by year, or a combined storage option for multiple years’ worth of artwork, our versatile bins have got you covered. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to an efficient organization with our durable and practical plastic bins.

#3 Archival Art Boxes

Protect and preserve your child’s precious artwork with our acid-free archival art boxes, designed for long-term storage.

#4 Filing Cabinet or Accordion Folder

For a more traditional approach to art storage, opt for a filing cabinet or an accordion folder. Both create tidy and organized displays of your children’s projects while protecting the artwork from dust and dirt. Plus, you can easily store multiple pieces in one place!

#5 Dedicated Drawer!

Transform your credenza, hutch, or any suitable furniture piece into a dedicated art storage drawer. Say goodbye to clutter and make the most of limited space while effortlessly keeping your child’s artwork organized. Rest assured, with this option, you can easily reevaluate and curate the art collection as your little artist grows.

#6 Digital Storage + Art Book

Harness the power of digital storage and create an art book to show off your little one’s creations. Use a scan or camera app to upload each piece onto your computer, store them in a designated folder and print out the ones you’d like to frame for display nearby. 

This way, you can save up space while still preserving memories! Plus, you can share these digital art books with family and friends around the world. 

#7 Stylish Three-ring Binder

Here’s a creative and budget-friendly solution: Take your 8×10 art pieces (and smaller) and use a hole punch to securely place them inside a large binder. For larger art pieces, simply fold them and store them in a designated folder or divider within the binder.

To add a personal touch, feel free to decorate the binder to your liking. Once complete, proudly display it on a bookshelf in your home.

The benefits of this method are twofold: it saves space and creates a visually pleasing display (especially if you decorate the binder). Plus, it’s a practical option if you have a large art collection.

Imagine having a row of art binders on a shelf, each representing a different year of school. It’s not only adorable but also helps keep your artwork organized.

The only downside is that you’ll have to punch holes in your artwork and fold larger pieces to fit inside. However, the convenience and organization they provide make it well worth it.

Tips for Storing Kids’ Art

#1 Get Rid of It: Selecting the Most Meaningful Keepsakes

When reminiscing years from now, it’s essential to have a curated collection of meaningful samples from each stage of your child’s education and development. Naturally, you’ll also want to keep anything truly special or sentimental. However, upon reviewing our current assortment, it becomes apparent that many items are simply scraps of paper adorned with a few lines or doodles.

While it may feel difficult to part with these items, let’s consider the fact that we have numerous superior options available to preserve memories. This presents an excellent opportunity to declutter by discarding anything in the pile that serves as mere scrap paper or duplicates excessively. For instance, we undoubtedly appreciate our daughter’s progress in writing her name, but do we truly need 75 identical copies?

By selectively curating and organizing our keepsakes, we can create a more refined and treasured collection that accurately reflects our child’s growth and journey. Let’s take advantage of this moment to reshape our memories for the better.

#2 Share some with your family

If you’re overwhelmed with keeping everything, consider sending some things to your grandparents!

They’ll likely be delighted to display a few pieces in their home and store the rest.

This is a practical solution if you can’t bear to throw away anything your child has made, even incomplete doodles.

#3 Choose the Suitable Way

To achieve the best results, it is highly recommended to utilize a combination of these storage solutions:

  • Begin by getting rid of any items that you can comfortably part with.
  • Place smaller artwork into a three-ring binder.
  • Store larger artwork in an accordion portfolio.
  • Use a storage box for crafts, popsicle-stick art, and other artwork that is awkwardly shaped or fragile.


There you have it! 6 creative solutions on how to store kids’ art in style. From archival boxes and portfolios to digital storage, there’s a perfect solution for everyone. No matter which one you choose, we guarantee your little ones’ creations will remain safe and sound for years to come. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your storage solutions, have fun and enjoy watching your child’s art grow! 

Happy organizing! 

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