What to Build with Magnetic Tiles?

Need inspiration on what to build with magnetic tiles? We’ve got you covered with these amazing ideas! From geometric shapes and abstract art pieces, there’s something here for everyone.

What to Build with Magnetic Tiles?

Are you looking for a creative way to foster your children’s imagination while helping them explore the world of engineering and construction? Magnetic tiles are an engaging learning tool that can help develop spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and storytelling skills. 

So, What to Build with Magnetic Tiles?

From robots to skyscrapers, wooden animals to monster figures, magnetic tiles offer endless possibilities! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some exciting projects that both kids and adults alike can construct with magnetic tiles. 

You’ll see just how versatile these little blocks can be — whether it’s building something practical or simply having fun for hours on end. Get ready to put those magnet sticks to good use!

What to Build with Magnetic Tiles?

Magna Tiles Robot

With the innovative Magna Tile shapes, building a robotic friend has never been easier for children.

For younger kids who need inspiration, simply draw a robot on paper and let them unleash their coping skills.

As for older children, encourage them to explore the world of 3D shapes while designing their robots. Thanks to the powerful magnets, their creations will stay intact, eliminating any frustration.

Get ready for endless hours of fun and learning as your child brings their robot dreams to life with Magna Tiles.


Discover the world of rocket ship design and let your child’s creativity soar! Instead of sticking to the ordinary, why not use Magna Tiles to create a unique rocket ship using a tin can or any metal object?

For older kids, take rocket ship building to the next level by incorporating various shapes and creating captivating geometric patterns. Imagine a rocket with sleek side wings, powerful fuel thrusters, and a body that changes color – the possibilities are endless!

Unleash the imagination and embark on a thrilling journey through space with these captivating rocket ship designs.

Magnificent Magnetic Castles

Experience the magic of magnetic tiles in fostering independent and joyful playtime for toddlers. With Magna Tiles, your little ones can unlock a world of wonder, where castles come to life.

Even the youngest children can embark on their castle-building journey by starting with a basic structure, featuring triangle turrets. The simplicity of the square design provides a solid foundation for limitless embellishments, adding an exciting level of challenge.

As children grow older, their creativity flourishes, allowing them to construct more intricate and elaborate castle structures. Multiple levels, separate rooms, and varying tower heights become achievable feats for these skilled builders.

Watch as their creativity flourishes and their imaginations soar with Magna Tiles, providing hours of endless fun and adventure.

Magna Tile train

Enhance your child’s small-world play with a captivating Magna Tile train. Watch in awe as they seamlessly incorporate it into their imaginative games, whether it’s transporting peg people or accompanying adorable animal figures.

Immerse your child in endless possibilities with the train’s ability to help them construct thrilling track layouts, ramps, bridges, and even tunnels. Elevate their playtime to new heights and let their creativity thrive.

Dinosaur Magna Tiles

Every child goes through a phase of fascination with dinosaurs, and if your little one is no exception, you’ve probably come across various dinosaur-themed toys. But have you ever considered adding dinos made from Magna Tiles to their collection?

Designed for young minds, our 2D dinosaur designs make for an easy and enjoyable building experience. From a magnetic stegosaurus to other captivating creatures, your child can piece together these shapes and develop crucial early math skills along the way.

For older kids seeking a challenge, our 3D dinosaur sets offer an opportunity to showcase their creativity while engaging in critical thinking and problem-solving. Building a lifelike dinosaur model is a rewarding experience that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Experience the magic of Dinosaur Magna Tiles and watch as your child’s imagination takes flight. Shop our collection today and inspire endless playtime fun!

Magnetic Tile Animals

Introduce your little ones to the captivating world of 2D animal creations through magnetic tiles. This engaging activity is specifically designed for younger kids who are still honing their fine motor skills. Watch as they delight in the challenge of crafting animals using different shapes, all without the complexity of a three-dimensional element.

For older children seeking a more exhilarating adventure, our magnetic tile animals offer the perfect challenge. Take, for example, our intricate duck design that will captivate their attention and enhance their concentration and perseverance.

Engage your child’s imagination and problem-solving skills with magnetic tiles. Encourage them to think beyond traditional design boundaries. Our creative housefly example showcases just how innovative their minds can be when given the freedom to explore solutions.

Unleash your child’s creativity and cognitive growth with Magnetic Tile Animals. Discover the endless possibilities that await as they embark on this imaginative journey.


All in all, magnetic tiles can be used to create anything you desire. From basic shapes and lines to complex machines and vehicles, this building toy is incredibly versatile. As a teacher, parent, or even just a lover of imaginative play, magnetic tiles are the perfect tool for any creative endeavor. 

Whether you’re looking for something simple to add to your homeschool curriculum or want to expand your child’s construction skills and knowledge, a magnetic building tile set can help reach any of those goals. Imagine the possibilities! So what are you waiting for? Get your own set of magnetic tiles today and start building tomorrow!

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