How to Make Electric Toy Cars Faster

Don’t settle for a slow electric toy car! Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to make electric toy cars faster and more exciting.

How to Make Electric Toy Cars Faster 

Are you searching for how to make electric toy cars faster? Look no further! In this article, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your electric car and leave other drivers in the dust. 

We’ll cover topics such as understanding motor types, manipulating gear ratios, assembling DIY speed components, and fine-tuning electronic systems—all important steps in ensuring that your ride has serious muscle. 

So whether you’re a parent whose child wants an edge on the competition or a hobbyist looking for higher speeds from their scale model projects, we’ll be sure to have some tips that will help you gain every mph possible out of your precious two-wheeled steed! 

With our insights now tucked away in between those ears of yours let’s dive right into the fascinating world of garage tinkering so that soon enough even lightning might envy its power output!

Can You Modify Your Kid’s Electric Car to Go Faster? 

Can You Modify Your Kid’s Electric Car to Go Faster? 

Want to make your kid’s electric car go faster? The good news is that it can be done! With a few modifications, you can boost the car’s speed up to 18 mph or more. There are different options available, from simple DIY fixes to more advanced upgrades that may require professional assistance.

If you decide to go the DIY route, it’s important to have a basic understanding of electronics. You may need to work with batteries, motors, and specialized tools like soldering guns. Make sure to do thorough research from reliable sources before attempting any modifications.

If you’re not interested in doing the work yourself, there are authorized repair services available for battery-powered ride-on. You can also explore local handyperson services through neighborhood websites and apps.

Before you start researching speed upgrades, take note of the voltage (V) of your kids’ electric car. Knowing the voltage is crucial in making safe and appropriate choices during the modification process.

How to Make Electric Toy Cars Faster 

Lock-Out Screw

By removing the lock-out screw or “governor,” you can unleash the true power of your vehicle in no time.

Most electric cars for kids come equipped with this screw to limit the speed and ensure a safer driving experience for your child. However, if you haven’t adjusted the governor, you may be missing out on the full capability and thrill of your car.

Fortunately, it’s a simple process. Just loosen the screw on the side of the shifter, move it to a higher position, and reattach it to hold the shifter securely in place. No complicated modifications are required.

This modification is perfect for those looking to enhance the speed of their electric car or for families with kids of different ages. By easily adjusting the governor, you can set a maximum speed limit without making any permanent changes to the vehicle.

Unleash the power and excitement of your electric car today by unlocking its full-speed potential with the lock-out screw.

Upgrade Your Battery

When the governor just isn’t cutting it anymore, consider replacing your vehicle’s current voltage with a higher-voltage battery.

Boost your speed by swapping out the 12V battery with a powerful 24V battery, gaining an extra 3 mph. Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy extended battery life, giving you more time to savor the increased speed.

However, it’s important to note that upgrading the battery comes with an increased risk of motor burnout. To mitigate this risk, opt for a reputable brand-name battery designed specifically for your vehicle. If you choose an aftermarket battery, always remember to purchase an inline fuse for added protection against power surges.

While a power surge may primarily damage the battery, there is also a potential risk of fire or personal injury from a burnt-out battery. It is crucial to take precautionary measures to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Before upgrading the battery, ensure that your motor, gears, and battery are all compatible with the higher voltage. Failure to do so can void warranties and potentially cause significant damage to your vehicle’s essential components, or even result in an explosion.

Consider investing in a complete battery conversion kit that includes a motor and gearbox assembly. This comprehensive solution ensures a seamless and compatible upgrade for your vehicle.

Upgrade your battery, unlock new potential, and enjoy an enhanced driving experience.

Electronic Speed Controller

Upgrade your child’s ride-on electric car with an electronic speed controller (ESC) to unlock new speed and power options. While basic controls typically only offer low and high speeds, an ESC allows you to customize your vehicle’s performance.

The most affordable option is a standalone controller, similar to a video game controller, priced at around $30. Unlike the standard on/off switches found in battery-powered ride-ons, an ESC provides a throttle for smoother delivery of power to the motor. This not only enhances speed but also prolongs the lifespan of your car.

To ensure compatibility and seamless integration, we recommend opting for an ESC kit designed specifically for your electric kids’ car model, rather than attempting to build one yourself. 

By choosing a kit, you’ll enjoy added benefits that mimic a real driving experience for your child. These include the ability to control speed output and incorporate safety functions like an emergency kill switch and brake pedals.

Ready to take your child’s ride-on electric car to the next level? Invest in an ESC kit, priced at around $150, for ultimate customization and enhanced safety.

Custom Fabrication

Elevate your kids’ electric car experience to a whole new level with custom fabrication. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and structural enhancements, you can make your vehicle truly unique and tailored to your specific requirements.

Safety should always be a top priority. Add a backup buzzer that activates when the car goes in reverse, ensuring the safety of your family members of all ages. Enhance visibility on cloudy days or during early sunsets with additional LED headlights or taillights.

Craving an off-road adventure? Boost your electric car’s capabilities by exploring various options. Consider lifting the vehicle for better clearance and improved performance on rough terrains.

For a more exhilarating ride, upgrade your higher-voltage electric vehicle by replacing the gearbox with a powerful motocross bike engine. However, please note that this modification is recommended for drivers aged 16 and above who hold a valid driver’s license.

As you gain speed, it’s crucial to maintain solid traction. Enhance your tires’ grip by investing in rubber tires, though it may be a more expensive option. Alternatively, wrap the tires in duct tape or install traction bands for a cost-effective solution that delivers similar results.

Unleash the full potential of your kids’ electric car with custom fabrication. Transform your vehicle into a true powerhouse while ensuring utmost safety and performance.


In conclusion, making an electric toy car faster is not as hard as it seems. With a little effort, time, and the proper knowledge of testing strategies, your electric toy car can be sped up significantly. 

Remember to take precautionary measures like wearing protective gear while you work on the vehicle and always ensuring that all parts are tightly secured so you can enjoy maximum safety while having fun with your vehicle. 

For those who don’t want to attempt these modifications themselves, there are services that offer electrical upgrades for cars so make sure you explore those options too. So what are you waiting for? Take on this amazing project and upgrade your electric toy today!

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